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Origin Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Punk rock, pop punk,[1][2] alternative rock, alternative metal
Years active 1993–present
Labels Nettwerk, Aquarius/EMI, New Damage
Associated acts Sum 41, Waiting for God, Treble Charger, Another Joe, The McRackins
Past members
  • Tyson Maiko
  • Craig Wood
  • Patrick "Wolfman Pat" Paszana
  • Jamie Fawkes
  • Kelly Macauley
  • Happy Kreter

Gob is a Canadian punk band from Langley, British Columbia, formed in 1993. The band consists of Tom Thacker, Theo Goutzinakis, Gabe Mantle and Steven Fairweather. Juno nominated for best new group in 2000, and another Juno nomination for best video in 2002. Gob's most successful album is World According to Gob. Their most successful songs to date are "I Hear You Calling", "Soda", and "Banshee Song". They have been featured in movies, TV shows and many sporting video games such as NHL 2002, NHL 2003, NHL 2004 and Madden NFL 2004 with songs such as "I've Been Up These Steps", "Sick With You" (both re-mixed for the game), "I Hear You Calling" and "Give Up The Grudge". The band has appeared at several music festivals, the most well-known being the Vans Warped Tour. Most recently, the band has been noticed due to singer/guitarist Thacker's involvement as a lead guitarist in Sum 41.

History of Gob[edit]

Gob, Too Late... No Friends and How Far Shallow Takes You (1994–1999)[edit]

Gob formed in 1993 consisting of Tom Thacker as lead guitarist and vocalist, Theo Goutzinakis as rhythm/co-lead guitarist and vocalist, Patrick "Wolfman Pat" Paszana on drums, and Kelly Macauley on bass guitar. Thacker and Goutzinakis often switched between lead vocals with Goutzinakis playing the occasional lead guitar line. During the early days of the band, Tom usually kept his place as lead guitar while Theo had more vocal duties and focused on rhythm guitar. They recorded their self-titled Gob in 1993 and released it in 1994 on Landspeed Records with the odd numbered tracks sung by Theo and the even numbered tracks sung by Tom. The tracks 1, 2 and 8 were released on their next album. Kelly Macauley was replaced by Jamie Fawkes and in 1995 Gob released Too Late... No Friends on Mint Records and Landspeed Records and released it on Nettwerk in 2000. Gob's early style is often known as raw and melodic Punk Rock but at times they would throwback to a style similar to early 80's Hardcore Punk. Songs that most resemble this style are their Punk cover of 80's Pop hit 'A View to Kill' (Originally by Duran Duran) and 'Terminal Preppie' (Originally by Dead Kennedys). After the release of Too Late... No Friends. Gob had replaced many bassists until they found Craig Wood and "Wolfman" Pat left the band due to his daughter, Rhyleah, being born before the recording of "How Far Shallow Takes You", so the band replaced him with Gabe Mantle, former member of a Vancouver Hardcore Punk band Brand New Unit. With a newly formed Gob, they released How Far Shallow Takes You in 1999. It was home to a heavier sound with better production value with more mature lyrics and a growth in musicianship than on "Too Late... No Friends". It was released on Fearless records but re-released on Landspeed because of conflicts with Fearless. It was also re-released on Nettwerk records.

The World According to Gob and Foot in Mouth Disease (2000–2004)[edit]

Gob released World According to Gob, in 2001. This album was Gob's most successful album to date. The sound took a slight departure from their early punk rock sound and displayed growth in their songwriting and in their musicianship. Singles released from WATG include "For The Moment", "I Hear You Calling", and "No Regrets". The album was certified Gold by the CRIA in May 2002.[3]

In 2002, Gob recorded the F.U. EP. "Ming Tran" was released as a single for the EP which also featured a re-recorded version of a classic Gob song "Soda", two exclusive tracks, "L.A Song" and "Sick With You," as well as new tracks from the forthcoming full-length album Foot in Mouth Disease, which was released on Arista Records in April 2003. Singles from Foot in Mouth Disease include "Give Up the Grudge" and "Oh! Ellin".

Craig Wood's departure, Steven Fairweather's arrival and Muertos Vivos (2004–2008)[edit]

In 2004, longtime bassist Wood left the band to play guitar for Canadian superstar Avril Lavigne. The band have since recruited a bassist known only to fans as "Peter Pan" or, more commonly, Tyson, as Gob's members are on a "first-name basis" with their fans. (All albums credit the musicians simply by their first names, as well.)

Gob's friendship with several Canadian bands has come up often in the past few years. During Gob's downtime, Thacker has played lead guitar for Sum 41 live since 2007 because of the departure of their lead guitarist, Dave Baksh. Since then, Thacker has become Baksh's permanent replacement in Sum 41.

Their fifth full-length album, Muertos Vivos, was released on Cobraside November 27, 2007 in the U.S. and was released in Canada on Aquarius Records October 23. They recruited Tyson Maiko as their bassist.

Muertos Vivos was heavier than any of the band's previous efforts, and wandered into alternative metal and hard rock, with some old hardcore punk influences.

The album's first single was "We're All Dying". They shot the video for "We're All Dying", as well as for their second single "Underground", on September 4 and 5, 2007, in downtown Vancouver. The album's final single was "Banshee Song".

In mid-2008, bassist Tyson Maiko left the band and was replaced by Steven Fairweather who was a long time friend of the band. Even having them record most of their fifth full-length album Muertos Vivos in his childhood home. Steven Fairweather had played in past bands including Revelation Records' post-hardcore band By a Thread,[4] and appeared on demo versions of songs by sub pops' punk rock band the Black Halos.[5]

APT 13 and upcoming documentary film (2009–present)[edit]

In early 2009, the band toured Canada, after which, in April, Thacker joined up with Sum 41 for their Japanese and US tour.

In an interview with AMP Magazine, guitarist Theo Goutzinakis revealed that the band had already started writing for their next album, which would probably be released in 2010.[6] Thacker also revealed that he and Theo were currently in the studio, producing the first record by new Vancouver alternative rock band Floodlight.[7]

In August 2009, Gob revealed that their close friends are working on a documentary film about the band, to be released on DVD, or air on TV, sometime in the future. The film will follow the band since formation and until today.

On September 11, 2009, the band said on their MySpace account that they would soon record the new album. Frontman Thacker confirmed on his Myspace that recording of the new Gob album would start in March 2010.

On March 13, 2010, in a chat with a fansite, Thacker revealed that the drums for the album are already recorded and there are still vocals, guitars and bass left to record. Thacker also revealed the musical direction of the album will be more punk and rock n' roll influenced, rather than the heavy metal influences on Muertos Vivos.[8] Thacker also said that the upcoming documentary about the band will be made into a documentary about the recording of the new album, rather than about the band's whole history.

In summer 2010, Thacker confirmed that the band will continue working on their upcoming album, upon his return from the Sum 41's Screaming Bloody Murder Tour in the fall of 2010. While touring with Sum 41, he has confirmed that Sum 41 has extended and touring with the band will take more time than he expected, delaying the recording of his parts in Gob's upcoming album. Meanwhile other members of Gob are busy with their day jobs.

On January 11, 2011, Thacker said via a Myspace message that he is home recording vocals for Gob's upcoming album. He hoped to finish it within two weeks, though it was yet unknown when the album is going to be mixed and mastered.[9]

On August 28, 2011, in an interview that took place with a Sum 41 fansite, Thacker announced that although the band had been on-and-off recording the album for the past two years already, there are still some vocals to record, as well as background vocals, which Thacker plans to record at home. He has commented that recording for the new album took more than expected because of his busy schedule with Sum 41, and that the band members are recording and producing the album by themselves.

On January 12, 2012, Thacker confirmed that he will be finishing vocals for the new album soon, which will be followed by Goutzinakis mixing it. The album is expected for a later 2012 release.[10]

On October 20, 2012, it was announced that guitarist Theo Goutzinakis is mixing the band's new album in Vancouver, while lead singer/guitarist Tom Thacker was getting ready to go on tour again with Sum 41 in November.[11]

In November 2013 Tom Thackers wedding was featured in The New York Times[12]

On December 8, 2013, Tom Thacker tweeted a teaser video for Gob's upcoming 2014 album "APT 13".[13]

On May 27, 2014, Gob announced their upcoming 2014 album "APT 13" will be released on August 26 through New Damage Records.[14]

On August 6, 2014, the band announced their upcoming Canadian tour, with Canadian punk band Seaway.[15]

Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Tom Thacker - lead/background vocals, lead and rhythm guitar (1993–present)
  • Theo Goutzinakis - lead/background vocals, rhythm and lead guitar (1993–present)
  • Gabe Mantle - drums, percussion, backing vocals (1998–present)
  • Steven Fairweather - bass, backing vocals (2008–present)

Former members[edit]

  • Kelly Macauley - bass/backing vocals (1993-1995)
  • Jamie Fawkes - bass/backing vocals (1995-1996)
  • Happy Kreter - bass/backing vocals (1996)
  • Patrick "Wolfman Pat" Paszana - drums/percussion/backing vocals (1993-1998)
  • Craig Wood - bass/backing vocals (1996-2004)
  • Tyson "Peter Pan" Maiko - bass/backing vocals (2007-2008)

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Date of release Title Label US Billboard peak
1994 Gob Landspeed Records
1995 Too Late... No Friends Mint Records
13 May 1997 Ass Seen on TV Sony BMG Music Entertainment
8 December 1998 How Far Shallow Takes You Nettwerk
23 January 2001 The World According to Gob Sony BMG Music Entertainment 194
8 October 2002 F.U. EP Nettwerk
1 April 2003 Foot in Mouth Disease Sony BMG Music Entertainment 132
27 November 2007 Muertos Vivos Aquarius
26 August 2014 Apt. 13 New Damage Records [18] [19]

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