Goblin Market and Other Poems

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Goblin Market and Other Poems was Christina Rossetti's first volume of poetry, published in 1862. It contains her famous poem "Goblin Market" and others such as "Up-hill", "The Convent Threshold", "Maude Clare", etc. The poem 'In the Round Tower at Jhansi, 8 June 1857' in which a British army officer takes his wife's life and his own so that they do not have to face a horrific and dishonourable death at the hands of the rebelling sepoys commemorates the Jhokan Bagh massacre at Jhansi.[1]


  1. ^ "The death of Captain Skene and his wife" (4 quatrains long) by C. G. Rossetti is reprinted in an appendix to Red Year, by Michael Edwardes, 1975, as part of an appendix "The Muse and the Mutiny" (pp. 174-183) Alexander Skene was the British political officer stationed at Jhansi.

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