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Not to be confused with God game.
This article is about the video game mechanic. For the operating system hack, see Windows Master Control Panel shortcut.
"God Mode" redirects here. For the video game, see God Mode (video game).

In health-based video games, god mode, infinite health or infinite life, is a game mechanic or cheat that prevents the playing character from being harmed, sustaining damage and ultimately, dying.[1] By contrast, invincibility or invulnerability is a usually temporary[2] instance of this effect, obtainable in games with it as a power-up.[3][4] Activating god mode may also grant the player the ability to instantly kill enemies or other god-like powers (hence the name) that can only be attained through cheating.[5]


God Mode can be activated when a user types in a predefined combination of keys. In older games it was usually done by pressing the "~" button, which would bring down the game console and then the user would type in the code to activate the god mode. For newer games which do not support this feature programs known as Trainer are being used which gives the effects of god mode.


Depending on how the effect is activated, god mode can function as a tool for game testing, a legitimate gameplay element (one of the most famous being Starman from the Mario series),[6] an unlockable feature (seen for example, in GoldenEye 007)[7] or in more illicit cases, a hack.

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