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Godannar cover.jpg
North American DVD cover of the first volume
(Shinkon Gattai Godannar!!)
Genre Mecha, Comedy, Romance
Anime television series
Directed by Yasuchika Nagaoka
Music by Chuumei Watanabe
Studio Oriental Light and Magic
Licensed by
Network AT-X
TV Kanagawa
KBS Kyoto
Tokyo MX
English network
Original run October 1, 2003June 29, 2004
Episodes 26
Platform PlayStation 2 [1]
Released June 24, 2004 [2]
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Godannar (神魂合体ゴーダンナー!! Shinkon Gattai Gōdan'nā!!?, sold as Marriage of God & Soul Godannar!! in North America) is an anime series created and directed by Yasuchika Nagaoka. The first season aired in Japan from October 1 to December 24, 2003 on AT-X.[3] A second season later aired from April 5 to June 29, 2004. Both seasons were licensed by ADV Films for North America.[4] However as of 2013, it is now licensed by Sentai Filmworks.[5]


In 2042, alien threats known as the Mimetic beasts (擬態獣 gitaijū?) laid waste to Japan. During a final battle against the Mimetic beasts, Goh Saruwatari defeats the alien "boss" and saves his fiance, Anna Aoi, with his robot, the Dannar.[6]

Now, on their wedding ceremony, the Mimetic beasts emerge after five years of tranquility. Goh and Dannar are called to action, forcing Goh to leave Anna at the altar.

As Goh struggles in his battle against the Mimetic beast, Anna stumbles upon a sealed robot known as "Neo Okusaer". She is able to activate and pilot the Neo Okusaer to save her "husband" by merging it with the Dannar to activate the Godannar's Twin Drive.

During the course of the series, it is discovered that humanity is threatened by the "Insania" virus, which is spread by the Mimetic beasts. All of humanity is infected, but the virus affects robot pilots most severely, since they come into close contact with the beasts on a regular basis. The virus has the effect of transforming human males into Mimetic beasts; females are somehow immune, unless they naturally generate large amounts of male hormones. The virus is stimulated by human hormones, especially those released in great quantities during combat.

During the second season, the pilots of Dannar Base struggle to balance the need to fight the Mimetic beasts with the danger of further infection. Eventually, it is discovered that Mira, Goh's former combat partner and lover, who was trapped inside a Mimetic beast for five years, is the source of the vaccine humanity needs.

The series is famous for its fanservice: 'up skirt' shots, bouncing breasts, and the scantily clad female pilots.

There was also a dōjinshi made by staff which was sold to fund the production of the second series.[citation needed]


  • Goh Saruwatari[7] (猿渡 ゴオ Saruwatari Gō), is the main protagonist of Godannar and the 29-year-old pilot of titular robot. Before to the start of the series, he rescues Anna in a battle with the Mimetic beasts. Five years later, Goh and Anna are to be married just as the Mimetic beasts begin to move once again, he is infected by the Insania virus, due to exposure from repeated battles with the Mimetic Beast. His body is covered in a cocoon, waiting to emerge as a Mimetic Beast. He is placed in suspended animation for seven years until he is given a cure via an injection of Morimoto's son's DNA [8] - which stops his body from transforming. Since he was placed in suspended animation, his hair covered the length of his body. Anna made a promise to him, during the last few episodes, to cut his unkempt hair. She is the first person he sees upon being revived and they remarried not long afterwards.
Voiced by: Takayuki Kondo (Japanese), Brett Weaver (English)
  • Anna Aoi/Anna Saruwatari[7] (葵 杏奈 Aoi An'na/猿渡 杏奈 Saruwatari An'na), A 17-year-old high school student and skilled robot pilot, she marries Goh at the beginning of the series. However, an emergency call came from Dannar Base requesting Goh's assistance interrupted their ceremony. She becomes the pilot of Neo Okusaer, and later Go Okusaer. She, Goh and Lou form the Godannar Triple Drive when Celleblader fuses with Godannar. After Goh is cured of the insania virus, she is the first person he sees when he wakes up. In the end, she and Goh are remarried with the other pilots and Dannar base personnel as witnesses (with Kucharachyov as the minister).
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara (Japanese), Hilary Haag (English)
  • Shizuru Fujimura[7] (藤村 静流 Fujimura Shizuru) The pilot of Core Gunner and a remarkable sharp shooter, who also has a secret crush on Goh, yet is unable to confess these feelings. Much later develops a close friendship with Goh's younger brother, Shinobu, but not in a romantic nature. Killed by a swarm of Type 19 Mimetic Beasts at the end of Season 1, Shizuru is resurrected by Mira. She becomes the General Manager of Danner Base while Kiriko Aoi and Commander Kagemaru search for a cure for the infection caused by the Mimetic Beast.
Voiced by: Yumi Kakazu (Japanese), Tiffany Grant (English)
  • Dr. Kiriko Aoi (葵 霧子 Aoi Kiriko) is Anna's extremely busty and sultry mother and Goh's boss (and his mother-in-law). Together with her husband, Tatsuya, she was responsible for the development of the Dannar project.
Voiced by: Takako Honda (Japanese), Laura Chapman (English)
  • Dr. Tatsuya Aoi (葵 竜也 Aoi Tatsuya) is Anna's father, husband to Kiriko Aoi and father-in-law to Goh. He left his family when Anna was a small child. He disguised himself as several different people to watch over Anna and the rest of Dannar Base throughout several episodes. He and Kiriko were the founders of the Dannar project. He appeared during the final episodes to aid Danner Base against the Super Mimetic Beast. He leaves again, feeling that they can take care of themselves.
Voiced by: Hiroya Ishimaru (Japanese), John Swasey (English)[9]
  • Kagemaru (影丸) is the dashing Commander of Danner Base. Seems to have secret feelings for Kiriko Aoi, but the feelings are not reciprocated. She teases him at times during the end of the series. They travel together, with Kagemaru as a personal guard, searching for a cure to the Infection caused by the Mimmetic Beasts' insania virus. At the end of the series, he turns down a promotion to the commissioners to become a robot pilot.
Voiced by: Taro Yamaguchi (Japanese), Mike Vance (English)
  • Milla Ackerman/Mira Ackerman[7] (ミラ・アッカーマン Mira Akkāman) is the original pilot of Neo Okusaer. She was Goh's old combat partner and lover, until the battle 5 years previous in which she was thought to have been killed. When revived, she had no memories of the past, and behaved somewhat childlike. After regaining her full memories, she resumed her old duties as pilot of the Neo Okusaer. She still loves Goh, and claims she is the only one that truly understands him. Her DNA is being developed as a cure to the infection caused by the Mimetic Beasts.[10]
Voiced by: Aya Hisakawa (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)
  • Lou Roux/Lou Lowe[7] (ルウ・ルー Rū Rū) is a young orphan girl taken in by Goh and Anna and the pilot of Cosmo Diver. Once an operator for the orbital space station that monitors the Earth for the presence of Type 17 Mimetic beasts, she is the lone survivor when the space station is destroyed and her father killed by Mimetic beasts that somehow managed to stow away on one of their shuttles. She becomes obsessed with becoming a robot pilot to avenge her father's death. At the end of the series, she continues to pilot Celleblader to fight the Mimetic Beasts, becoming a Menage Zero herself after Ken. She returns for a short while to witness Goh and Anna's wedding.
Voiced by: Kaori Shimizu (Japanese), Kira Vincent-Davis (English)
  • Shinobu Saruwatari[7] (猿渡 忍 Saruwatari Shinobu) is Goh's younger brother who lives with Goh and Anna. Shinobu kids his older brother about his age and goes to school with Anna. Though he was once infatuated with Anna, he later refers to Anna as his "older sister", vowing to find his own happiness. He may have later developed close feelings for Shizuru, much to Kouji's chagrin but it is not definite. He becomes the pilot of the Neo Diver.
Voiced by: Junko Minagawa (Japanese), Greg Ayres (English)
  • Konami Sasagure (笹暮 小波 Sasagure Konami/Sasakure Konami) is one of the two operators of the main ship's console. She becomes a pilot at the end of the series.
Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe (Japanese), Mariela Ortiz (English)
  • Momoko "Momochi" Momozono (桃園 桃子 Momozono Momoko) is the other one of the two operators of the main ship's console. She becomes a pilot at the end of the series.
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto (Japanese), Brittney Karbowski (English)
  • Tetsuya Kouji[7] (光司 鉄也 Kōji Tetsuya) is the easily excitable partner of Shizuru and co-pilot of G-Gunner. He spends most of the series recovering from injuries sustained in the battle from the first episode. He later returns in the final episodes piloting the G-Zero Gunner for the grand battle against the Super Mimetic Beast. He has feelings for Shizuru and is a little wary of Shinobu who seems to be getting a little too close to her. At the end of the series he is shown serving alongside Shizuru as the Vice Commander of Dannar Base and still remains a pilot as well. He is named after the pilots of Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger, Kouji Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi.
Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese), Christopher Ayres (English)
  • Shadow Dunaway(シャドウ Shadō) is the pilot of the American giant robot Genesister and partner of Luna whom she secretly loves. Strong, beautiful, athletic, but a bit masculine. The only female to be severely affected by the virus due to her having male hormones. She survives the infection after her fight with Rose Type.
Voiced by: Yuko Kaida (Japanese), Christine Auten (English)
  • Luna (ルナ Runa) is the co-pilot of the American giant robot Genesister and partner of Shadow whom she also loves secretly. Small, petite and cute, but surprisingly strong.
Voiced by: Tomoko Kawakami (Japanese), Sasha Paysinger (English)
  • Moukaku (モウカク Mōkaku) is the pilot of the Chinese giant robot Goddiner. Loud and brash, he surprisingly has a soft side. He's in love with Shukuyu. He asked her to marry him. After fighting Type 29 he becomes the second case of a full infection by the insania virus, like Max. Because of this, Knight, one of the pilots of the Dragliner, who was with the Goddiner team when this happened, is forced to kill him.
Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi (Japanese), George Manley (English)
  • Shukuyu (シュクユウ) is the co-pilot of the Chinese giant robot Goddiner and partner of Moukaku. Younger than Moukaku, she reins him in. When Moukaku asks her to marry him, she accepts. She tries to help Moukaku gain control over the virus. Moukaku ejects her out of Goddiner before Knight destroys him.
Voiced by: Wakana Yamazaki (Japanese), Kelly Manison (English)
  • Ekaterina (エカテリーナ Ekaterīna) is the well-endowed pilot of the Russian giant robot Volspina. Beautiful and magnificently busty, her relationship with her partner Kukrachyov is much like a dominatrix except she doesn't want to cause him harm.
Voiced by: Miho Yamada (Japanese), Marcy Rae (English)
  • Kukrachyov (ククラチョフ Kukurachofu) is the co-pilot of the Russian giant robot Volspina. Tall, thin and quiet, he obeys every command of his partner Ekaterina without question. According to Ekaterina, he wasn't infected by the virus due to him being so submissive, resulting in more feminine hormones in his body. In the last episode, he presides over the marriage of Goh and Anna.
Voiced by: Shinji Kawada (Japanese), Illich Guardiola (English)
  • Knight Valentine (ナイト・ヴァレンタイン Naito Varentain) is the pilot of the British giant robot Dragliner. Handsome and conceited, he is always chasing girls but loves his stepsister to which he has no blood relation. According to Shizuru, he never flirts with the same woman twice. According to Ellis, he was not infected by the virus because he had more feminine hormones due to his perverted behavior.
Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese), Chris Patton (English)
  • Ellis Valentine (エリス・ヴァレンタイン Erisu Varentain) is the other pilot of the British giant robot Dragliner. Knight and Ellis refer to each other as brother and sister, though they are not related by blood. She is constantly frustrated by Knight's skirt-chasing.
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura (Japanese), Shannon Emmerick (English)
  • Ken (剣) is the rogue robot pilot of the Blade Gainer who makes it his life mission to defeat the Tye 18 Mimetic beasts after the loss of his wife. While trying to find the Mimetic Beast that took his wife, Rosa, he can be heard yelling, "You're not the one!" to every Mimetic beast that he destroys, alluding to the Type 18 Mimetic Beast that took Rosa. He doesn't learn of her fate until later on in the series. He is often referred, by the world at large, as a "Menage Zero", a code name for a rogue robot acting without authority. He later takes Lou in when she begs Ken to teach her to be a pilot. He gets infected by the virus that almost every male pilot gets. He ejected Lou from the Celleblader out of the Gainer before Ken dies in his last battle and warns her she will become like him if she fights for revenge. He attacks the Super Mimetic Beast to reveal its weakness to Godannar to finish it off.
Voiced by: Toru Ohkawa (Japanese), John Gremillion (English)
  • Rosa is the previous pilot of Celleblader. She saved Ken from a pack of Type 18 Mimetic Beasts several years ago, at the cost of her life. She and Celleblader were absorbed into one of the Mimetic Beasts until Ken killed said Mimetic Beast that kept her prisoner for years. Rosa was not inside the cockpit when Ken looked inside. This would suggest that Rosa was, somehow, absorbed by the Mimetic Beast during her imprisonment. Lou, after being asked by Ken, becomes the pilot of Celleblader for the remainder of the series.
Voiced by: Junko Minagawa (Japanese), Carli Mosier (English)[9]
  • Nanae Hayashi (林 奈々絵 Hayashi Nanae) is one of the mechanics at Dannar base, she becomes infected by the virus after being eaten by Type 13 Mimetic beast early in the series and becomes a carrier at the end of the series. During the series, she has a relationship with Morimoto, another mechanic at the base, and eventually marries him. Her children become second generation carriers, whose DNA's have the ability to repair the infected [11]DNA caused by the Insania Virus. She names them after Mira, Anna, and Goh by naming her children Mina, Ami, and Go respectively.[10]
Voiced by: Nanae Katō (Japanese), Cynthia Martinez (English)[7]
  • "Pops" Shibakusa[12] (芝草 Shibakusa) the widowed head mechanic. He makes ramen for the team on his breaks, constantly refers to Shizuru about her buttocks being large, and is reprimanded by Tonko. He runs a ramen shop with her in the end of the series 7 years later until the base is repaired, in which they go back to it.
Voiced by: Jin Horikawa (Japanese), Rob Mungle (English)
  • Sugiyama (杉山) is the second Head Mechanic. He is married to Anita but spends so much time on the base she threatens to leave him. She pops up on the base 7 years later.
Voiced by: Daisuke Ono (Japanese), Andy McAvin (English)[7]
  • Morimoto (森本) - Another mechanic at the Dannar base. During the series, he has a relationship with Hayashi. Near the end of the series, he asks her to marry him, which she accepts. They later marry and have three children.
Voiced by: Shinji Kawada (Japanese), Mark X. Laskowski (English)[7]


Season one[edit]

Season Series Title Original air date[13] English air date
01 01 "Wedding Bells on the Battlefield"
"Senjou no Uedingu Beru" (戦場のウェディングベル) 
October 1, 2003 October 4, 2005
Five years ago, while battling an alien force known as mimetic beasts, Goh Saruwatari, the pilot of the robot Dannar, first met Anna Aoi. Now Goh is close to retiring and is to marry Anna. On the day of their wedding, the ceremony is interrupted when the mimetic beasts strike again. Goh leaves the wedding to pilot the Dannar again. As he struggles in his battle against the aliens, Anna stumbles upon a top secret robot known as Neo-Okusaer and, despite Goh’s objections, Anna joins in the battle. The Dannar and Neo-Okusaer merge to become the mighty robot Godannar, and together they defeat the mimetic beasts. 
02 02 "Burning Virgin Road"
"Honō no Bājin Rodo" (炎のバージンロード) 
October 8, 2003 October 4, 2005
Goh doesn't want Anna to pilot Neo-Okusaer anymore. But Anna doesn't give up. As Anna begins her rigorous training to prepare her as a suitable pilot for Neo-Okusaer, she and Goh also try to adjust to their first days of living together. After a silly argument which has Anna go into town to blow off some steam, the mimetic beast they fought last week appears, attacking Anna directly. Anna lures the beast to an empty robot soccer court, where she commandeers one of the machines in the garage. The beast seemingly crushes Anna in, but Goh arrives, seemingly late, and destroys the beast, but finds her torn clothes among the pile of wreckage. 
03 03 "Battle Royal Honeymoon"
"Batoru Roiyaru Hanemūn" (バトルロイヤル・ハネムーン) 
October 15, 2003 October 4, 2005
Anna still wants to be a pilot, and this time Goh accepts it. Meanwhile, a beast appears in the South China Sea, and four teams from four different countries respond. 
04 04 "Shizuru, Once Again"
"Shizuru, Futatabi" (静流、再び) 
October 22, 2003 October 4, 2005
Shizuru, pilot of the Core Gunner, once had something of a crush on Goh. But now, she begins to question if she belongs on Dannar Base any longer, especially after Goh and Anna are hurt in battle. A rumor goes around that she's going to quit. But after encouragement from Anna, Shizuru's confidence is rejuvenated and she, Anna, and Goh defeat the latest mimetic threat. 
05 05 "The Girl From the Sky"
"Sora Kara Kita Shōjo" (空から来た少女) 
October 29, 2003 October 4, 2005
A mimetic beast attacks Cosmo Base in space. The leader of the base stays behind to defend it, and sends his daughter Lou down to earth so she'll be safe. When Lou, in Cosmo Diver, and Goh return to the base to keep it from crashing in Earth, they end up fighting the mimetic to avenge Lou's father. 
06 06 "The End of the Dream"
"Yume no Owari" (夢の終わり) 
November 5, 2003 November 29, 2005
Goh finds out that his old partner Max and girlfriend Mira are alive, but have been in comas ever since. The newly revived Max steals Mira away, leading to a confrontation with Goh, whom he blames for losing her in the first place. Mira awakes from her coma with an unexpected handicap – she has no memories. 
07 07 "Death by Reminiscing"
"Tsuioku ni Shi su" (追憶ニ死ス) 
November 12, 2003 November 29, 2005
Max attacks the base in the Core Gunner. Goh confronts him in Godannar. Max blames Goh for Mira's death. 
08 08 "The Graceful Shooting Star"
"Karei Naru Gekitsui Ou" (華麗なる撃墜王) 
November 19, 2003 November 29, 2005
Repairs are underway at Dannar Base, and a mimetic beast attacks. Dragliner deployes with Dannar and Neo-Okusaer. Mira is learning more and more, and there are hints of jealousy in Anna. In the wake of Max' attack, Knight Valentine stirs up trouble, one woman at a time. 
09 09 "The Castaway Survival"
"Ryū Sarete Sabaibaru" (流されてサバイバル) 
November 26, 2003 November 29, 2005
The fighters crash on an island. Go, Anna, Knight, and Ellis inspect the damage to their robots. Okusaer and Dannar can move, but the jetboys are heavily damaged, so the four of them are stuck there. Rescue teams are sent out to recover the Dragliner, Neo-Okusaer, and Dannar. But the mimetic beast is flying around the area, so the rescue has to be delayed. 
10 10 "Lu Takes Off"
"Rū Shutsugeki" (ルウ出撃) 
December 3, 2003 January 17, 2006
A mysterious robot fights against a mimetic beast that had been attacking Caucasus 1. 
11 11 "A Flawless Departure"
"Yogorenaki Tabidachi" (汚れなき旅立ち) 
December 10, 2003 January 17, 2006
Ken comes to Lou's rescue. Goh and Anna realize he's the one who attacked Caucasus 1, and they confront him. Lou decides to join Ken to learn from him. 
12 12 "Those Who Have Departed"
"Sari Yuku Mono Tachi" (去り逝く者たち) 
December 17, 2003 January 17, 2006
A mimetic beast attacks Cosmo Base. But the Dannar and the Neo-Okusaer are out of commission, so the only one to challenge the new threat is Shizuru in the Core Gunner. 
13 13 "Last First-Kiss"
"Rasuto Fāsuto-Kisu" (ラスト・ファーストキス) 
December 24, 2003 January 17, 2006
Reports come in from across the globe of a large number of mimetic beasts, and robots all over the world are trying to fight them. 

Season two[edit]

Season Series Title Original air date[14] English air date
01 14 "The Reviving Soul"
"Yomigaeru Tamashii" (蘇る魂) 
April 6, 2004 March 21, 2006
While in a state of limbo, a fallen mech pilot relives the events of the series. 
02 15 "The New Confession"
"Arata Naru Kokuhaku" (新たなる告白) 
April 13, 2004 March 21, 2006
Anna struggles to get by on her own, from keeping a roof over her head to humiliating employment. Mira has teamed up with Goh in Neo-Okusaer, but he hasn't made any moves toward her because he's waiting for Anna to come back. Kiriko decides it might be time to bring out Go-Okusaer, a prototype of Neo-Okusaer. 
03 16 "Its Name Is Go Okusaer!"
"So no Naha Gō Okusā!" (そのなはごーおくさー!) 
April 20, 2004 March 21, 2006
A new player for Anna's affections and hand in marriage has come into play. While she sorts out this new monkey wrench in her life, Anna realizes that she had given up on her dream, and decides to go back to the base. Shizuru tests the Go-Okusaer. Mira faints and Kiriko is worried about using her as a pilot. 
04 17 "Tonko, My Love"
April 27, 2004 March 21, 2006
The perspective is altered, focusing on some of the mechanics that keep Godannar and the other mechs running. A female mechanic named Tonko is being pushed into an arranged marriage that she doesn’t want, but a mimetic beast destroys the restaurant where the wedding was to take place. 
05 18 "Ice Cold Smile"
"Hi no Bishou" (氷の微笑) 
May 4, 2004 May 16, 2006
Anna and Shizuru train in order to be able to control the plasma drive. Ekaterina holds a party, but it gets interrupted when more mimetic beasts attack and she has to go out to fight them. Shadow dreams she’s attracted to Luna. 
06 19 "Genesister Out of Control!"
"Jenesisutā Bousou!" (ジェネシスター暴走!) 
May 11, 2004 May 16, 2006
Kiriko gets Max's data. There have been changes not only to his body, but to his brain as well. Luna gets nervous because it will be her and Shadow's last battle together, and she gets shot down. 
07 20 "Sorrowful Song of the Plum Blossoms"
"Touka Aika" (桃花哀歌) 
May 18, 2004 May 16, 2006
The strange plague that killed Max is identified – it is called the Insania Virus. Moukaku gets into a bar fight, and he's starting to undergo the same mutation as Max and Shadow. He gets it under control though, and later proposes to Shukuyu. 
08 21 "Godannar Ground Order!"
"Gōdannā Shutsudo Kinshi Meirei!" (ゴーダンナー出動禁止命令!) 
May 25, 2004 July 11, 2006
Goh is carrying the Insania Virus and is ordered to stop piloting the Dannar. 
09 22 "Crash! Danner vs. Gainar"
"Gekitou! Dannā VS Gainā" (激突!ダンナーVSガイナー) 
June 1, 2004 July 11, 2006
Ken manages to kill a beast before he mutates completely. But Ken is so pumped up even after the fight that it triggers the virus and he starts mutating. Goh gets into Godannar to stop Ken. 
10 23 "Dannar Base S.O.S."
"Dannā Besu SOS" (ダンナーベースSOS) 
June 8, 2004 July 11, 2006
Mimetic beasts are focusing their attacks on the bases. And they've found a way to control the bases' weapons. But just when it seems the beasts have won, they all retreat, heading towards Godannar. 
11 24 "After the Mortal Combat"
"Shitou no Hate ni" (死闘の果てに) 
June 15, 2004 August 29, 2006
Anna's dad, Tetsuya - the founder of Dannar Base - resumes control. It turns out that the mimetic beasts have developed the ability to merge and share their abilities. They've grown into a super-mimetic beast. 
12 25 "The Eternal Couple"
"Eien no Futari" (永遠のふたり) 
June 22, 2004 August 29, 2006
Ken has arrived, almost completely under the sway of Insania. He and Goh, slowly succumbing to Insania, attack the beast, mutating more and more. But the beast is too much for Goh to handle, and it tries to absorb Godannar into itself. Mira, making good on a certain vow, attacks Godannar before it can cause too much damage. Anna tries to stop her. 
13 26 "The Inevitable Tomorrow"
"Kitarubeki Ashita" (来るべき明日) 
June 29, 2004 August 29, 2006
They win against the mimetic beasts, but Goh transforms completely in the process. Seven years later, after a cure for the Insania Virus is found, Goh and Anna get remarried. During their ceremony, the last mimetic beasts attack. Goh, Anna, and the rest of the pilots go out to fight them. 


"Not bad at all, but could have been loads better." — Stig Høgset, T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews.[15] "I'm used to anime series surprising me and not being what they appear but Godannar really proved that twist again by being so much more than what I expected based on the trailer or opening sequence." — Chris Beveridge, Mania.[16] "Like your mecha action old-school, flashy, and loaded with fan service, yet done with modern production values? Favor fun, high-spirited action series in general? Then Godannar is a must-see title for you." — Theron Martin, Anime News Network.[17] "If the director can just even out the balancing act between HOT ROBOT ACTION and HOT CLEAVAGE ACTION, we may just end up with the best super robot series since Giant Robo." — Mike Toole. Anime Jump.[18]


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