Godfather (cocktail)

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The Godfather
IBA Official Cocktail
Godfather cocktail.jpg
Type Cocktail
Primary alcohol by volume
Served On the rocks; poured over ice
Standard drinkware
Old Fashioned Glass.svg
Old Fashioned glass
IBA specified ingredients*
Preparation Pour all ingredients directly into old fashioned glass filled with ice cubes. Stir gently.
* Godfather.php The Godfather recipe at International Bartenders Association

The Godfather is a duo made of equal parts scotch whisky and amaretto.[1] Typically, the drink is served on the rocks in an old fashioned glass.


As with many cocktails, the origin of the Godfather's name is uncertain. The amaretto brand Disaronno claims the drink was the favorite cocktail of American actor Marlon Brando, known for playing the titular character in the popular American film adaptation of Mario Puzo's The Godfather, which prominently features the Italian mob.[2] This may be an allusion to the cocktail's prominent use of amaretto, an Italian liqueur.


A common variation of this drink reduces the amaretto to one part. Disaronno recommends a recipe of three quarters part amaretto to one and a quarter part whiskey. Bourbon is often used in place of scotch.

The Godmother cocktail uses vodka in place of whisky, while the French Connection uses cognac. Both are popular cocktails in their own right and have been selected as IBA Official Cocktails.

The Godchild replaces scotch with cream.

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