Godoberi language

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ГъибдилIи мицци Ɣibdiƛi micci
Region Southwestern Dagestan
Native speakers
130  (2010 census)[1]
Northeast Caucasian
Language codes
ISO 639-3 gdo
Glottolog ghod1238[2]

Godoberi (also spelled Ghodoberi) is an Andic language of the Northeast Caucasian language family spoken by the Godoberi in southwestern Dagestan, Russia. It is closely related to Botlikh.It is spoken by approximately 130 people.[1]


Godoberi, like virtually all Caucasian languages, contains a number of loan words from Arabic, Persian, and Turkish, as well as Avar and Russian; these last two have had a particularly strong influence in recent years.[3]


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