Gods on Voodoo Moon

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Gods on Voodoo Moon
EP by White Zombie
Released November, 1985
Recorded October 18, 1985 at Batcave Studios, New York City
Genre Noise punk
Length Cassette: 14:30
Vinyl: 9:30
Label Silent Explosion
Producer White Zombie
White Zombie chronology
Gods on Voodoo Moon
Pig Heaven/Slaughter the Grey

Gods on Voodoo Moon is the first recording and release by White Zombie, released as an EP in 1985 under their own indie label Silent Explosion. It was their only release with Paul "ENA" Kostabi on guitar and Peter Landau on drums


The six songs, including "Black Friday" and "Dead or Alive", were all recorded in one session and in one take each.[1]

Release and reception[edit]

The EP was first released only on vinyl. The songs "Black Friday" & "Dead Or Alive" were recorded during the same sessions but were excluded from the vinyl pressings due to lack of space. A cassette version was released in 1989 on Caroline Records featuring the two unreleased tracks. Because the lack of funds at the time only 300 copies of vinyl were pressed at Macola Records Hollywood, California, 100 of which were sold while the others are in the possession of the band members.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Rob Straker, all music composed by White Zombie.

No. Title Length
1. "Gentleman Junkie"   2:13
2. "King of Souls [W.Z.]"   2:19
3. "Tales From the Scarecrow Man"   3:17
4. "Cat's Eye Resurrection"   1:40
5. "Black Friday" (Cassette only) 3:09
6. "Dead or Alive" (Cassette only) 1:49



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