Goeiemorgen, morgen

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Belgium "Goeiemorgen, morgen"
Eurovision Song Contest 1971 entry
Country Belgium
Artist(s) Jacques Raymond & Lily Castel
Language Dutch
Composer(s) Paul Quintens
Lyricist(s) Phil van Cauwenbergh
Conductor Francis Bay
Finals performance
Final result 14th
Final points 68
Appearance chronology
◄ "Viens l'oublier" (1970)   
"À la folie ou pas du tout" (1972) ►

"Goeiemorgen, morgen" ("Good morning, morning") was the Belgian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1971, performed in Dutch by Jacques Raymond and Lily Castel.

The song was performed tenth on the night (following the United Kingdom's Clodagh Rodgers with "Jack In The Box" and preceding Italy's Massimo Ranieri with "L'amore è un attimo"). At the close of voting, it had received 68 points, placing 14th in a field of 18.

The song was originally intended to be performed by Nicole & Hugo, who would represent Belgium at the 1973 contest with "Baby, Baby", however shortly prior to their departure to Dublin for the contest, Nicole fell ill with jaundice and the duo were unable to attend. As an indirect consequence of the late cancellation, "Goeiemorgen, morgen" was recorded by both duos and Nicole & Hugo even released the song in a French-language version, then entitled "La vie chante". The song itself is an up-beat number, dealing with the simple joy of waking up in the morning.

It was succeeded as Belgian representative at the 1972 Contest by Serge & Christine Ghisoland performing "À la folie ou pas du tout".

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