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Genre Adapted Literature
Created by Doris Brasset
Fabienne Michot
Voices of Sonja Ball
Mark Camacho
Lucinda Davis
Composer(s) Judith Henderson
Country of origin France, Canada
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 full episodes, 52 segments (two per episode) (list of episodes)
Running time 24 minutes (excluding commercials)
Production company(s) Zoe Mae
Sub Sequence
Distributor Go-For-It
Porchlight Entertainment
Original channel CBC
Original run 2007 – 2008

Gofrette is a French-Canadian show, based on the books by Doris Brasset and Fabienne Michot. In the United States, it aired on Qubo from November 3, 2008 until April 4, 2014.[1] The series is critically acclaimed.[2] It is produced by Zoe Mae and Sub-Sequence Entertainment. Porchlight Entertainment [3] distributed Gofrette on Qubo.

Series overview[edit]

Gofrette is about a curious little cat who—along with his dog and bird best friends—lives through various adventures evoking the program's tag line: "... that busy, busy cat!" The show takes place in the fictional mayorless town of Zanimo and is based on the original books written by Doris Brasset and Fabienne Michot.[4]

Main characters[edit]

Gofrette. A curious cat who makes every day in Zanimo an exciting day with his huge imagination, endless supply of hobby equipment, and a go-for-it attitude. He lives in a house with Red the Refrigerator to whom he talks and understands; with his stuffed animal, Long Ears; and with tiny, creatively active creatures he calls Nugnuts. His cousin, Garbanzo, is an acrobat who owns and stars in El Teatro Zanimo circus. Gofrette also has a grandmother, Granny Smith, who is only mentioned and shown in photographs. Gofrette's favorite exclamation is "Zowee!", sometimes with a variation such as, "Zowee zow zow!".

Fudge. A dog with big floppy ears. Fudge is sometimes reluctant to get into what he thinks of as scary or embarrassing situations, but he is usually a good sport once participating. He owns a van called the Zanimo Wagon that he also lives in. He has been friends with Gofrette since they were puppy and kitten. He has an older brother named Moocher, who is a mechanic and artist. He is voiced by Sonja Ball.

Ellie Coptor. A pink bird with a propeller on her head that twirls depending on her mood. She operates a hair salon in her treehouse and dabbles quite a bit in fashion and makeovers. As best friends with Gofrette and Fudge, Ellie rounds out the trio with her fun, creative, and sometimes nervous—but always strong—personality. Ellie's favorite snack is worms which grosses out Fudge. She is voiced by Lucinda Davis.

Around Gofrette's House[edit]

Nugnuts are tiny creatures that are often seen living their own unexplained, eccentric adventures in the background to the main action of the story. They also turn up while Gofrette is out and about, especially when Gofrette needs directions. They sometimes whistle in harmony, and the only time they speak is to hold up an arrow-sign and to say in unison, "That way..." One Nugnut he calls by name is Slugnut, who is asleep or otherwise lazing about.

Long Ears: Long Ears appears as an action figure in the shape of a blue rabbit.

Houdini: Houdini is a red toy rabbit that Gofrette says hello to; although the audience can only see Houdini's ears and feet because he is hidden behind something.

Red The Refrigerator: Red is a giant regrigerator that Gofrette interacts with. Gofrette believes Red's loud vibrations are a form of language. Gofrette has accepted Red as his roommate and answered the telephone as "Gofrette and Red's Residence".

Citizens of Zanimo[edit]

Hamlet. A bossy green pig who owns The Very General Store. He enjoys fishing, scheming, and telling tales. Taking advantage of a situation for his own benefit comes naturally to Hamlet, so he often tries to become famous even if it means causing trouble for others—though the trouble almost always turns out to be his own. He has a wife, Mrs. Hamlet, who appears off screen shouting for him. He is voiced by Richard M. Dumont.

Wendell. A gray wolf who seems to always accidentally do something wrong—which is unbeknownst to him until the Zanimo citizens are looking for the culprit of the crime. His Auntie Mabel lives in The Very Big City and has visited a couple of times. Wendell also lives in the woods inside of a hollow log. He is voiced by Rick Jones.

Bartholomew and Lilly. Two beaver brothers who own a lumberyard/sports cafe and a large tractor-shovel.

Bessie. A cow who owns a bakery in town and specializes in baking sweets such as baklava. She also held a rodeo and specialized in bull-riding.

Gino Gelato. A polar bear who owns an ice-cream truck vendor.

Hugo. A bulldog who may look scary, but is very friendly.

Merton. A green llama who works for the newspaper. He is most commonly seen around town with his camera attempting to get the best shot for his paper—even at the cost of honesty and sometimes in cahoots with Hamlet. Merton once impersonated Gofrette over the phone simply by saying "Zowee!" a lot.

Miss Hippo. A purple hippo who is the librarian of Zanimo. She is the town source for information and knowledge.

Mr. Bowler. A polite English beagle dog who wears a bowler hat. He owns a hat shop where he sells hats for all occasions. Around town, he often acts as judge for various entertainment or sporting events and as Zanimo's volunteer safety guard. He also seems to have a crush on Miss Hippo.

Mr. Moose. A red moose and a forest ranger. He knows many things about nature and science and tries to keep Gofrette's imagination grounded with his facts.

Mrs. Mr. Moose. Mr. Moose's wife who is good at cooking.

Pino Pilato. A polar bear who runs a pizza truck. He could be Gino's cousin.

Quicky Lorraine. A hummingbird who is the owner, cook, and waitress of the diner Gofrette, Fudge and Ellie visit often. She is a fast talker, a fast server, and is very fast on her skates. Quickie can even play roller hockey with one hand holding a serving tray.

El Teatro Zanimo[edit]

Garbanzo. Gofrette's gregarious older cousin who is an orange striped cat with a colorful European accent, wears a leotard and has a "fantastico" curled up mustache. He is the director of El Teatro Zanimo acrobatic circus. Gofrette often assists Garbanzo at this circus. Garbanzo is also famous for cooking, cookbooks, and contests.

Greta. The star of the flying trapeze, Greta is a gorilla with a penchant for lifting her weights even while relaxing and enjoying more girlish interests. She is very enthusiastic and athletic, but sometimes self-centered. She has little patience with the Fusilli Brothers.

The Flying Fusilli Brothers. Five acrobat brothers with high energy and a propensity for annoying Greta. They are often flipping into formation on top of each other in their adventures. They are always a team, even taking turns speaking a sentence.


Aunt Edna. Ellie's aunt who travels a lot. She looks like Ellie except older. She often gives Elie things such as an echo-cuckoo clock, a loom, a hat, etc.

Auntie Mabel. Wendell's aunt who visits sometimes. Wendell is always trying to impress her.

Captain Bad Beard and Pirate Pete. A pair of pirates who wished to continue the pirate life. They found the treasure map Gofrette lost only to discover the treasure is really old pirate clothes. After an adventure caused their ship to crash, Gofrette convinced them to open a seafood restaurant/pirate museum.

Dirk Thunder. A raccoon who plays a detective in the movies by the same name. His movies are Gofrette, Fudge and Ellie's favorite. In one episode he appeared on a movie poster where portrayed a superhero in a movie called Broccoliman.

Edweena Bernard. A cat who plays the heroine of the Dirk Thunder movies. She also came to Zanimo to hide from the press and stayed at Ellie's house and went camping with the gang. It was revealed that off set she's a major diva until her stay with Ellie changed her ways. She also appears as damsel in distress in the Broccoliman movies.

Luigi Llama. A famous magazine interviewer who wanted to write an article about El Teatro.

Marvel Bigarms and Gertude Longneck. An elephant and llama who are from the Big City. They travel around to snail races with their "snail" Flash Baloney, who turns out to be a centipede. They also appeared as semiprofessional hockey players when Hamlet challenged Gofrette to a hockey game.

Mobi Bear. A feral grizzly bear who lives in the woods. Despite his frightening appearance he is really friendly and is good friends with Gofrette and Mr. Moose.

Mr. Babalooni. A hot air balloon pilot who visits Zanimo.

Purple Racoons. A group of purple colored racoons who sometimes steal things from people in Zanimo. Once they stole warm clothes and bellybutton lint to keeps warm, and once they sneaked into Ellie's house when bees had taken over their tree.

Skyblue. A skyblue colored anteater who wears a trench coat he plays the villain in the Dirk Thunder movies. He even also plays the Shadowy Sneaker in the Broccoliman movies.

Super Broccoliman. A llama superhero whose comics Gofrette is a fan of and reads. He is portrayed by Dirk Thunder in the movies.

The Great Scalapini. A blue llama who is a magician. He performs sometimes at El Teatro Zanimo. He built a disappearing box.

The Zanimozappago. An elusive Lochness Monster like seaserpent, that has been mystery of Zanimo's Beaver Lake. Hamlet and Mertin tried to fake several sightings of the creature in order to become famous and scare people away from the lake with a fake inflatable version of the monster. Gofrette and his friends later exposed the fake only to discover a real version of it and it's revealed to be a friendly mother with a baby.

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