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Goga Medi
Nickname(s): Gugameri
Gogamedi is located in Rajasthan
Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 29°09′26″N 75°01′44″E / 29.157296°N 75.028982°E / 29.157296; 75.028982Coordinates: 29°09′26″N 75°01′44″E / 29.157296°N 75.028982°E / 29.157296; 75.028982
Country  India
State Rajasthan
District Hanumangarh
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Gogamedi (Hindi: गोगामेड़ी) is a village of religious importance in the Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan (India), 359 km from Jaipur.

A grand fair is held at Gogamedi in August in memory of Gogaji (a Chauhan Rajput from Dadrewa village in Churu district). The fair is held from the ninth day of the dark half of Bhaadra (Goga Navami) to the eleventh day of the dark half of the same month.[1] According to legend, Gogaji fought Mahmud of Ghazni. In battle, Gogaji's throat was cut—his head fell in Dadrewa and his body fell in Gogamedi. Firuz Shah Tughlaq built a tomb in Gogamedi in the memory of Gogaji. Thousands of devotees gather to pay homage at this memorial annually in the month of Bhadrapada during the Gogaji fair. The inscription in Persian at the main entrance describes Mahmud of Ghazni's regard for Gogaji.

Gogamedi is accessible on NH 65 from Chandigarh; go straight to Hisar (Haryana) (230 km) and from Hisar take the road to Bhadra (60 km) and from Bhadra Gogamedi lies around 20 km on the way to Nohar. From Delhi take the NH10 to Hisar (165 km) and from Hisar take the road to Bhadra-Nohar.


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