Going Back (film)

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Going Back
Goingback dvdpic.jpg
Going Back DVD cover image, with Bruce Campbell (left) and Christopher Howe
Directed by Ron Teachworth
Produced by Ron Teachworth
Jill Teachworth
Written by Ron Teachworth
Starring Bruce Campbell
Christopher Howe
Perry Mallette
Susan Waderlow Yamasaki
Vern Teachworth
Distributed by Bifrost Distribution (DVD)
Release dates
Vestron 1984 (USA)
Running time
79 min.
Country United States
Language English

Going Back is Bruce Campbell's second feature film, produced shortly after The Evil Dead and released in 1983. The film had been extremely rare to acquire for a number of years, due to contract disputes between the director, producer, and the bankrupt original distributor. It was finally re-released on DVD in October 2006. The DVD release features an additional audio commentary track by Campbell, director Ron Teachworth, and cinematographer John Prusak.

Plot summary[edit]

In 1964, two high school friends, Brice (Bruce Campbell) and Cleveland (Christopher Howe), leave their suburban neighborhood near Detroit, Michigan to hitch-hike their way to the countryside before going off to college. They are befriended by a lonely farmer, Jack Bodell (Perry Mallette), who offers them a place to stay. As days pass, Cleveland helps Jack around the farm and finds in him the father figure he lacks, while Brice falls in love with a local girl named Cindy (Susan Waderlow-Yamasaki). Four years later, Brice and Cleveland meet up in their senior year of college and decide to "go back" to Jack's farm, where they find much has changed in just a few years.


Actor Character
Bruce Campbell Brice Chapman
Christopher Howe Cleveland "Clee" Neal
Perry Mallette Jack Bodell
Susan Waderlow-Yamasaki Cindy
Vern Teachworth Cindy's Father

Film facts[edit]

  • The movie was filmed in Cass City, Michigan, Rochester Hills, Michigan, and parts of Tennessee.
  • Several of the stories told in the movie by the Brice and Jack characters actually happened to director Ron Teachworth.
  • The mother kissing the Cleveland character good-bye at the beginning of the film is the actor's actual mother, Noralee Howe.


Going Back received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.[citation needed]

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