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Origin Toulouse, France
Genres Pop
Years active 1982–present
Associated acts Images
Members Lucien Crémadès
Alain Llorca
Bernard Mazauric
Etienne Salvador
Emile Wandelmer

Gold is a French music band from Toulouse which enjoyed considerable success in the Francophone world in the 1980s.


Gold was originally composed of five musicians : Lucien Crémadès (guitar, vocals), Alain Llorca (bass, vocals), Bernard Mazauric (keyboards), Etienne Salvador (drums) and lead singer/guitarist Emile Wandelmer.

The group first rose to prominence with the 1985 release of "Plus près des étoiles", and continued to impact on the French pop charts with songs including "Capitaine abandonné", "Ville de lumière" and "Laissez-nous chanter". Wandelmer left the group in 1990, going on to join Images eight years later, although the remaining members of Gold continued recording.

Gold is one of the only French groups to have made France's SNEP top ten five times between 1985 and 1987.[1]




  • "Tropicana" (1982)
  • "Plus près des étoiles" (1984) - #2 in France
  • "A little closer to freedom" (1984)
  • "Capitaine abandonné" (1985) - #1 in France
  • "Sail Away" (1985)
  • "Ville de lumière" (1986) - #2 in France
  • "Laissez nous chanter" (1987) - #6 in France
  • "Calicoba" (1987) - #8 in France
  • "Au-delà du rideau" (1988) - #46 in France
  • "Rio de janvier" (1988) - #18 in France
  • "Diamant dort" (1989) - #34 in France
  • "Iles d'Aran" (1989)
  • "Jersey" (1994)
  • "L'homme Perdu" (1994)
  • "Soleil Enfin" (1994)
  • "Hello" (1999)
  • "Le long chemin" (1999)


  • Le Palais des Sports de Gold (1989)
  • Les Clips en Or (1990)


In November 1986, the band were named 'Best Newcomer' at the annual Victoires de la musique ceremony.


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