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The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) is an organization dedicated to investigating and proving its allegation that the quantity of gold held and traded by the world's central banks, international bullion banks and futures exchanges is significantly overstated and that a scheme analogous to the defunct London Gold Pool keeps the price of gold artificially low.


From its inception, GATA has been chronicling its view of the lack of free markets.[1] In the mid-1990s, Bill Murphy, a former commodities trader, wrote a number of essays about the gold market. Murphy, who worked at Merrill Lynch, Shearson Hayden Stone and Drexel Burnham before starting his own brokerage firm[2] and Chris Powell, managing editor[3] of the Journal Inquirer in Manchester, Connecticut then founded GATA.[4] GATA contends that the price of gold has been manipulated by a gold cartel of central banks and other financial institutions since 1995[5][6] and that the quantity of physical gold held and traded by the world's central banks, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and futures exchanges is significantly overstated.[7] The current Board members of GATA include Adrian Douglas and Ed Steer in addition to the founding team of Bill Murphy and Chris Powell. James Turk and Frank Veneroso are consultants to the GATA Board. [8]


On March 23, 2010, London gold trader Andrew Maguire produced a series of relevant e-mail exchanges between himself and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on the matter. In an e-mail dated February 3, 2010, he correctly predicted specific price manipulations that would take place two days later, on February 5, 2010. Shortly thereafter, GATA was invited to testify at a CFTC hearing on position limits.[9]

GATA alleges that a gold cartel systematically feeds central bank gold into the market place to suppress its price.[10]

Criticism and suspicious circumstances[edit]

GATA's allegations have been called "fringe" and "conspiracy theories" by some analysts,[who?] the conclusions considered "far fetched"[6][11] and derided GATA as a "one-man show",[7] despite the activities of other GATA members.

As Murphy began to speak at the CFTC hearing, the video camera recording the event began to malfunction. The technical problem ended the moment Murphy finished speaking.[12] There were no other instances of technical problems during the hearing, which lasted more than five hours.[13] Within 24 hours after Murphy detailed Maguire's allegations at the CFTC hearing, a series of network television interviews that had been scheduled with Murphy were abruptly cancelled[1] and Maguire and his wife were victims of a hit-and-run accident.[14] The King World News website, after posting an interview with Maguire and Douglas, as well as Maguire's e-mails to the CFTC, was disabled by a distributed denial of service attack.[12]

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