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This article is about the gospel group. For the community in the United States, see Gold City, Kentucky.
The Gold City Quartet
Origin Dahlonega, Georgia, U.S.
Genres Southern gospel
Years active 1980–present
Members Robert Fulton
Chip Pullen
Daniel Riley
Tim Riley
Bryan Elliott

Gold City is an American southern gospel quartet, based in Gadsden, Alabama.

Musical career[edit]

Early years[edit]

The Mississippi-based Christianairs were renamed Gold City in Dahlonega, Georgia at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve to begin the year 1980 with bass Dallas Gilliland, tenor Bob Oliver, lead singer Jerry Ritchie, and baritone Ken Trussell. The group's owner was initially Floyd Beck, who sold the quartet to Tim Riley, Ivan Parker, Brian Free, and Gary Jones. Bass Tim Riley would replace Gilliland as the permanent bass singer in July of that same year. The group was an instant success in the industry, appearing on the main stage of the National Quartet Convention in October 1981. Pianist Garry Jones joined the group one month prior to the convention. In 1982 tenor Brian Free came on board and lead Ivan Parker joined in 1983. These men had joined Riley to form a consistent nucleus that remained together until the end of 1993. Jeff Hullender joined the group in 1984 as the groups bass guitar player. Mike LeFevre joined in 1985 to sing baritone, replacing Jerry Ritchie.

The 1990s[edit]

Steve Lacey took over for LeFevre in 1992 and after the departure of Free, Jones and Parker in 1993, Steve Lacey (baritone) took over lead duties while Mark Trammell became baritone and Jay Parrack was named the new tenor. Lacey left to join The Kingdom Heirs. David Hill became lead singer for a while; his departure led to the next consistent lineup for the group, which included Jonathan Wilburn singing lead, Mark Trammell singing baritone, and Jay Parrack as tenor. Over the years, the group developed a trademark style that relied on heavy brass arrangements for their more driving songs, and moving lyrics for their inspirational anthems.

Recent history[edit]

The last few years have brought a period of change and transition to this legendary quartet. Many personnel changes in the front line, as well as the breakup of the Band of Gold, have given a new look as well as a new sound to the group. The most notable and tragic change occurred in 2006, when Doug Riley, who co-managed Gold City in addition to playing drums (before taking over running the sound when the group streamlined their operations), was killed in an auto accident on the way to the recording studio early on the morning of January 31, to continue work on a recording.

In March 2006, bass singer Bill Lawrence (who had been handpicked by former bass Tim Riley) left the group. Tim filled in for several months while the search for a replacement was underway. Aaron McCune, who was bass singer with the Palmetto State Quartet at the time, joined Gold City in May 2006. McCune brought to Gold City the trademark smoothness and deep range that had long been a standard for this quartet.

In February 2007, it was announced that the group had returned to The Beckie Simmons Agency (from The Harper Agency). Beckie Simmons, while at Century II and her own agency, has handled the quartet's bookings for the majority of its existence.

In March 2008, lead singer Jonathan Wilburn left the group. Bruce Taliaferro, a Gadsden native who had filled in for Wilburn and Daniel Riley in the past, stepped in to fill the empty position. Gold City released their first recording with Mr. Taliaferro in July 2008. Also, August 2008 saw the Band of Gold return to the scene on a limited basis. The band consisted of pianist Josh Simpson, drummer Kevin Albertson, bass guitarist Taylor Barnes, and lead guitarist Daniel Addison.

On April 28, 2009, tenor, Steve Ladd, announced that he would be leaving Gold City.[1] On June 17, 2009, it was announced that Chris Cooper would be filling the tenor position. It was announced in July 2009 that Josh Simpson would be leaving Gold City in August to go to college. His temporary replacement was Curtis Broadway who played on Band of Gold dates. Gold City Bus driver Jim Korn filled in on keys after the Band of Gold quit traveling with the group. It was announced on August 11. 2009 that Aaron McCune had departed Gold City and a replacement was being sought.[2]

Later in December, it was announced that Chris Cooper left Gold City and a replacement would be found by the end of Christmas break.[3] Over the Christmas break, it was announced that former Legacy Five tenor Josh Cobb would be joining the group, and former Ernie Haase & Signature Sound pianist Roy Webb would join as the pianist. It was also announced that Tim Riley would be committed to full-time traveling with Gold City.[4]

Later in 2010, however, Roy Webb opted to leave the group to fully pursue a solo career. Josh Simpson filled in on the piano while a new pianist was found. After the National Quartet Convention, it was announced that Perry's pianist, Bryan Elliott, would be filling the piano bench. Months later, tenor singer, Josh Cobb was released from the group for logistical reasons. On October 29, Brent Mitchell was announced as tenor, to start officially November 11, 2010. Bruce Taliaferro announced his resignation the next month on December 18, 2010.[5] His replacement, Craig West, was announced December 19. Then, on March 30, 2011, it was announced that Brent Mitchell left Gold City to care for his daughter who has been experiencing health problems. Dan Keeton, former owner of the Keeton family group was named official tenor singer after a couple of weeks filling in. Craig West left the quartet in September 2011 and his replacement was Jerry Pelfrey.

In early 2013, Dan Keeton resigned from the group. After an audition period of several weeks, beginning February 3, former Palmetto State Quartet tenor Robert Fulton was named as his replacement.

In October 2013, Jerry Pelfrey announced that he was leaving the group to restart his family group "The Pelfreys". Anchormen lead singer Chip Pullen was announced as his replacement.

Complete membership roster[edit]


  • Tenor
    • Bob Oliver,(1980–82)
    • Brian Free,(1982–83; 1984–93)
    • Benny Blackburn,(1983–84)
    • Jay Parrack,(1994–2004)
    • Steve Ladd, (2004–2009)
    • Chris Cooper,(2009)
    • Josh Cobb,(2009–2010)
    • Brent Mitchell,(2010–2011)
    • Dan Keeton,(2011–2013)
    • Robert Fulton, (2013–present)
  • Lead
    • Jerry Ritchie, Lead (1980–83); Baritone (1983–85)
    • Bill Crittenton,(1983–84)
    • Ivan Parker,(1983–93)
    • Steve Lacey, (1993–94)
    • David Hill,(1994–96)
    • Jonathan Wilburn,(1996–2008)
    • Bruce Taliaferro,(2008–2010)
    • Craig West,(2010–2011)
    • Jerry Pelfrey,(2011–2013)
    • Chip Pullen, (2013–present)
  • Baritone
    • Ken Trussell,(1980–83)
    • Mike LeFevre,(1985–92)
    • Steve Lacey,(1992–93)
    • Mark Trammell,(1994–2002)
    • Daniel Riley,(2002–present)
  • Bass
    • Dallas Gilliland,(1980)
    • Tim Riley,(1980–2004; 2006; 2009–present)
    • Bill Lawrence,(2004–2006)
    • Aaron McCune,(2006–2009)


  • Larry Goddard, Pianist (1980); Bassist (1980–82)
  • David Holloway, Steel Guitarist (1980–82)
  • Wayne Hussey, Drummer (1980–82)
  • Cary Kirk, Bassist (1980)
  • John Reinhart, Jr., Pianist (1980–82)
  • Jeff Easter, Bassist (1982–83)
  • Garry Jones, Pianist (1982–94)
  • Jerry Lloyd, Steel Guitarist (1982–84,1985–87)
  • John Noski, Drummer (1982,1985–89)
  • Ken Bennett, Bassist (1982–84)
  • Daryll LeCroy, Guitarist, Steel Guitarist (1984–85)
  • Kelly Back, Guitarist (1984–85)
  • Olan Witt, Drummer (1983–84)
  • Rodney LaShum, Pianist (1983–85)
  • Jeff Hullender, Bassist (1984–88)
  • Doug Riley, Drummer (1989–2005); Sound Engineer (2005–06)
  • Barry Scott, Bassist (1989)
  • Mark Fain, Bassist (1989–95)
  • Daryll LeCroy, Guitarist, Steel Guitarist (1987–93)
  • David Brooks, Pianist (1994–95)
  • Adam Borden, Bassist (1995–2005)
  • Shane Jenkins, Pianist (1995–96)
  • Randy Matthews, Pianist (1996–97)
  • Byron Stewart, Pianist (1997)
  • Tim Parton, Pianist (1997–99)
  • Channing Eleton, Pianist (1999–2005)
  • Josh Simpson, Pianist (2005–2009)
  • Daniel Addison, Guitarist/Sound Engineer (2008–2009)
  • Kevin Albertson, Drummer (2008–2009)
  • Taylor Barnes, Bassist (2008–2009)
  • Curtis Broadway, Pianist (2009)
  • Roy Webb, Pianist (2009–2010)
  • Bryan Elliott, Pianist (2010–present)


  • 1981 First Day in Heaven
  • 1981 We Believe
  • 1981 Sing Golden Nuggets
  • 1981 Songs of Days Gone By
  • 1982 I've Got a Feeling
  • 1982 Gold City: Live
  • 1983 I Think I’ll Read It Again
  • 1983 Hymns Sung by The Gold City Quartet
  • 1983 Higher than the Moon
  • 1984 Walking with Jesus
  • 1984 Walk On
  • 1985 Sing with the Angels
  • 1986 Gold City Gold
  • 1986 Double Take: Live
  • 1986 Your Favorite Hymns
  • 1986 Top Hits Volume 1
  • 1986 Top Hits Volume 2
  • 1987 Favorites Volume 1
  • 1987 Favorites Volume 2
  • 1987 Favorites Volume 3
  • 1987 Movin’ Up
  • 1988 Portrait
  • 1988 Voices of Christmas
  • 1989 Chartbreakers Volume 1
  • 1989 Chartbreakers Volume 2
  • 1989 Favorite Hymns Volume 2
  • 1989 Goin’ Home
  • 1990 Windows of Home
  • 1990 Instrumentals Volume 1
  • 1990 Indiana Live
  • 1990 Favorites Volume 4
  • 1990 Chartbreakers Volume 3
  • 1991 Super 70’s Gospel Hits Vol. 1
  • 1991 Super 70’s Gospel Hits Vol. 2
  • 1991 Super 70’s Gospel Hits Vol. 3
  • 1991 10 Year Celebration
  • 1991 Answer the Call
  • 1992 Kings Gold
  • 1992 Masters of the Gospel
  • 1992 Pillars of Faith
  • 1993 Kings Gold 2
  • 1993 Acapella Gold
  • 1993 Requested Hymns Volume 1
  • 1993 Requested Hymns Volume 2
  • 1993 Requested Hymns Volume 3
  • 1994 Renewed
  • 1994 Lord Do It Again
  • 1994 Classics
  • 1994 Kings Gold 3
  • 1995 Standing in the Gap
  • 1996 Kings Gold 4
  • 1996 Having Fun
  • 1996 Preparing the Way
  • 1997 What a Great Lifestyle
  • 1997 Home for the Holidays
  • 1998 The Collection
  • 1998 Within the Rock
  • 1999 Signed, Sealed, Delivered
  • 1999 Amazing Grace: A Hymn Collection
  • 2000 20th Anniversary Celebration: Vol. 1
  • 2000 20th Anniversary Celebration: Vol. 2
  • 2000 Are You Ready?
  • 2000 Through the Years
  • 2001 Pressed Down, Shaken Together, Running Over
  • 2002 The Very Best of Gold City
  • 2002 Camp Meetin'
  • 2003 Walk the Talk
  • 2003 24K Gold
  • 2003 Pillars of Faith/Acapella (Double Album Reissue)
  • 2003 A Gold City Christmas
  • 2004 First Class
  • 2005 Heaven
  • 2006 Gold City — Their Best
  • 2006 Revival
  • 2008 Moment Of Truth
  • 2010 A Collection of Favorites Volume 1
  • 2011 Somebody's Coming


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