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The Gold Coast Seaway or Southport Seaway is the main navigation entrance from the Pacific Ocean into the Gold Coast Broadwater and southern Moreton Bay and is one of Australia’s most significant coastal engineering projects. It is located at the northern end of the Southport Spit.

Sand bypass[edit]

Gold Coast Seaway enjoys the world's first permanent sand bypassing system, which currently delivers all sand that arrives at the Gold Coast Seaway across the entrance and into the World Heritage listed Moreton Bay Marine Park. The Gold Coast Shoreline Management Plan is reviewing this practice[1] and examining the concept of Island Welding to determine if 85% of the sand (80,000 cubic metres per year) can be sustainably recycled to Surfers Paradise. This system works by pumping the sand through the jetty and delivers it away to clear the channel.


The Southport Bar was a very dangerous entrance for recreational and commercial boats, until in 1986 when the Gold Coast Seaway was constructed.[citation needed] There are now two rock walls to stabilise the position of the entrance.

The southern training wall of the Gold Coast Seaway is the northern end of the Gold Coast Oceanway.


Promising a result of "no dingoes," Mayor Ron Clarke[2] has proposed building a tunnel under the Seaway, which would link to South Stradbroke Island. His controversial proposal is based upon an end result of making Stradbroke into Australia's premiere eco-tourist destination[3]


Gold Coast Seaway is a popular diving and fishing location and also many surfers and body boarders regularly paddle across the seaway on their boards from the mainland to South Stradbroke Island. Popular surfing sites include the Sand pumping Jetty on the mainland and the sand pumping outlets on South Stradbroke Island known as TOS (The other side).

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