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Goldblade 'Flaming Skull' Logo.png
Background information
Origin Manchester, England
Genres Punk rock, hardcore punk, art punk
Years active 1996–present
Labels Captain Oi!, Ultimate Records, Overground Records (Current May 2013-)
Members John Robb
Pete 'Gorgeous' Byrchmore
Keith Curtis
Rob Haynes
Andy Taylor
Past members Wayne Simmons
Jay Taylor
Johny Skullknuckles
Martin Gray

Goldblade are an English punk rock band from Manchester, England. The band formed in early 1995 when ex Membranes frontman, John Robb, put the band together with Wayne Simmons and former Membranes and A Witness vocalist Keith Curtis on bass, Rob Haynes (ex Houndgod and Killing for Pleasure/K.F.P.) on drums and Jay Taylor on guitar.[1]

The band signed to Ultimate Records and released their first single, "Soul Power", before releasing several more singles and two albums - Home Turf (1996/97), and Goldblade Drop the Bomb (1998) before Simmons departed. In 2000, Goldblade then recruited a new percussionist, Martin Gray, into the line up and recorded two further singles "AC/DC" and "Who Was The Killa?" together with a third album Do You Believe In The Power Of Rock 'n' Roll all released in 2002 on a new label, Twenty Stone Blatt.

In 2001, Jay Taylor left the band to concentrate on his Bonebox project, and two new members Johny Skullknuckles and Pete 'Gorgeous' Byrchmore (ex-Nightingales, and U.K Subs) were recruited to begin work on the next album, Rebel Songs (2004). Second percussionist Gray left shortly after the recording sessions, and the album was released in 2005 on the Captain Oi! label. The band continued gigging and recording as a five-piece, with the next album Mutiny (also on Captain Oi! Records) released in 2008. Both "Rebel Songs" and "Mutiny" were also issued internationally.

Goldblade continue to tour extensively. They regularly appear at major UK music festivals, including Glastonbury Festival, Reading Festival, Wickerman Festival and Rebellion Festival, and several smaller ones (Strummercamp). They have played in St Petersburg to 25,000 people, in Serbia and, in early 2010, in Algiers (being one of only a handful of Western bands to do so).

In March 2010, Skullknuckles departed to be replaced by another guitarist Andy Taylor (not the one from Duran Duran).

Goldblade issued a compilation album, Beyond God & Elvis in China (on Kids-Union Records) in September 2010, following it with dates in Beijing.

On 20 May 2013 Goldblade issued the album 'The Terror Of Modern Life' (Overground Records) - Released in CD/Vinyl and download formats.

Early history[edit]

Goldblade formed in Manchester in the mid 1990s playing what they called "punk rock hooligan blues", and what was described in The Independent as "a shamelessly fundamentalist collision of The Ramones, James Brown and The Stooges".[2] The band toured a lot and signed to Ultimate Records. Their debut single, "Soul Power", was single of the week in the NME, and their third single "Strictly Hardcore" was a minor UK UK Singles Chart hit.[1] The band's debut album Home Turf was well received in the music press.

Home Turf[edit]

Home Turf was released in 1997 on the Ultimate Records label (TOPP058) on both CD and vinyl formats - the album was produced by Gavin Monaghan.

Track Listing:

1. Strictly Hardcore 2. Soul Power 3. Genius Is Pain 4. Soul On Fire 5. Feel My Disease 6. Fastest Man Alive 7. Jacknife (Meet Thy Saviour) 8. Black Elvis 9. Not Even Jesus 10. Hail The People 11. Long Slow Fuck 12. Downtown (Greed In My Soul) 13. Saddest Song 14. Canal Street Breakdown 15. 5 True Believers

'Black Elvis' was released as a single (CD and 7" vinyl (Black & Clear versions)) (TOPP052) - An accompanying promotional video was made and received regular airplay on MTV (Promo Video @ YouTube)

Strictly Hardcore was released as a single in a variety of formats inc a 2 pack CD (TOPCD56 & TOPP 056CDx) and a 7" pink vinyl edition.

Not Even Jesus was also released in both CD and 7" vinyl formats (TOPP060)

Drop The Bomb[edit]

With added brass, Goldblade's second album, Drop The Bomb was recorded in Brighton at The Levellers' studio, and again released on Ultimate Records (TOPP CD071) in May 1998.

Track Listing:

1. Home Turf 2. (R U Ready 4) The 21st Century? 3. Living Outside The Capital 4. Rock N' Roll's A Losers Game 5. 16 Tons (Promo Video) 6. Nu Soul Warriors 7. Hairstyle 8. Glam Rock Star 9. Let's See Those Hands 10. Float Like A Butterfly 11. Dream The Vicious Dream, Baby 12. Carbohydrate Of love

'16 Tons' was the first single from the album; released in both CD and 7" vinyl formats (TOPP067)

The second single from the album, 'Hairstyle', received daytime radio play and BBC Radio 1's Single of The Week, and an appearance on Ant and Dec's Saturday morning show CD:UK. They also recorded a live session for Jeff Cooper's radio2XS and Hallam FM in Sheffield. The single was released in both CD and 7" vinyl formats (TOPP076) - The week the single was released, Ultimate Records went bankrupt and the single did not reach the UK Singles Chart.

Do You Believe in the Power of Rock 'n' Roll?[edit]

'Do You Believe In The Power of Rock n' Roll?' was released in summer 2002 on the UK independent record label, Twenty Stone Blatt Records.

The band toured Germany previewing new songs for the album. Guitarist Jay Taylor left shortly after recording, to concentrate on his own band Bonebox.

'AC/DC' was released as a CD Single via Twenty Stone Blatt Records (bamf27) - The song took its title from the chords used within the track.

Who Was The Killa? was released as a limited edition CD EP featuring; 'Who Was The Killa?' (Nu version with added horns), 'Strictly Hardcore', 'Black Elvis', 'Uranus' (Nu version). and a promotional video for 'Who Was The Killa?'

Kiss My Ass became the title of a semi-legal Russian released album (Antrop Records) put out to mark the bands first dates in St Petersburg.

Track Listing:

1. Do You Believe in the Power of Rock 'n' Roll? 2. Who Was The Killa? 3. AC/DC 4. Kiss My Ass 5. This Powerful Intoxicant Known As Love 6. Mutha Fukka 7. Punk Rock! 8. Panic Attack 9. Uranus 10. Square Peg In A Round Hole 11. What A Life 12. Little Baby Satellite

Rebel Songs[edit]

Rebel Songs was released in the UK by Captain Oi! Records (AHOY CD252) in 2005, in addition the album was released in Germany via KB-Records who took the option of issuing a vinyl edition; 500 copies were pressed on black vinyl, whilst 100 copies were pressed on red vinyl. A US release was secured via Anarchy Music (a division of Cleopatra Records) who took the option to release the album as an Enhanced CD with the addition of two video clips; 'Psycho' and 'Black Sheep Radical' - The US release was housed in differing artwork.

The label's manager had seen Goldblade perform at the Rebellion (then Wasted) Festival. The first single release was the "Psycho EP". (AHOY SCD100) - The EP included the title track plus 'Black Elvis' and 'AC/DC' recorded live in St Petersburg, Russia, 'Hairstyle' recorded live in Blackpool, and two covers of the Goldblade track 'Strictly Hardcore' by Outl4w and Buzzbomb.

On the back of the album's success, Captain Oi! released Strictly Hardcore, a compilation of the band's first four albums.

Track Listing:

1. Psycho 2. Black Sheep Radical 3. Fighting In The Dancehall 4. All We Got Is Rebel Songs 5. Stereo Gangsta 6. Everything Is Porn 7. Cops And Robbers 8. The Decline And Fall Of Ancient Rome 9. Out Of Control 10. Government Lies 11. (War) Not In My Name 12. Sick World

A promotional video was made to accompany 'Psycho' release - the fim being recorded at the (as then) abandoned Gorton Monastery, Manchester.


Mutiny was released in the UK by Captain Oi! Records (AHOY CD305) in September 2008. The album was also released in Germany via KB-Records (KB 037) in a vinyl only edition; 400 white vinyl, 100 black vinyl

"Riot! Riot" was used on the soundtrack for the film Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground (Director Jesse V. Johnson, Cast inc Ross McCall, Vernon Wells, and Marina Sirtis), and as such was featured within a television advert for UK supermarket chain Sainsburys as it promoted the film's DVD release. This prompted German label KB-Records (KBR047)to rush release the track as a 7" single pressed on yellow and black 'splatter' vinyl - the single was imported into the UK by the band themselves and sold out almost instantly.

"Jukebox Generation" was released as a split 7" picture disc single, the reverse being taken by UK street punk band Argy Bargy.

The name of this album was given to an all-day concert, for which Goldblade and the Stiff Little Fingers headlined at Bridlington Spa on 16 May 2009.

The band's world tour included a stadium gig in Russia and a headline show in Algeria where they were the first western rock band to play the country for 20 years.

Track Listing:

1. Jukebox Generation 2. Riot! Riot! 3. Mutiny 4. Beyond God And Elvis 5. Everybodys On Drugs 6. City Of Ghosts 7. Do The Neo Con 8. America Destroys All Its Heroes 9. Kids Of Today 10. Where Have All The Bootboys Gone 11. D.I.Y 12. Riot Squad For Toxic City F.C 13. Wake Up! Wake Up! You're Already Dead

'City Of Ghosts' was remixed for a Christmas release; the track was re-titled 'City Of Christmas Ghosts' featured Poly Styrene from X-Ray Spex on guest vocals, and was released by Damaged Goods Records in both Red and Green vinyl 7" pressings. Promo video @ YouTube

The Terror Of Modern Life[edit]

The Terror Of Modern Life was released by Overground Records (OVER132) on 20 May 2013 - Released in multi formats including CD, Vinyl (480 Silver, 300 Black) and Download. The front sleeve featured a drawing by Chris Wright of Viking Tattoo Studio, Jarrow; Wright is also the founder and frontman of street rock n' roll band Crashed Out.

Track listing:

1. This Is War! 2. Psycho Takes A Holiday 3. The Shamen Are Coming 4. Serious Business 5. We're All In It Together 6. Someone Stole My Brain 7. My Mind Is Like An Atom Bomb 8. Sick / Tired 9. They Kiss Like Humans, Act Like Machines 10. Guilty 11. The World Is Fucked Up Nowadays 12. Hey You! Elastic Face

The album was very well received by the UK and European music press attracting praise from heavyweight publications inc;

Uncut Magazine “full of tireless spirit and an unwavering focus’ 7/10″

MOJO “thrilling state of-a-broken-nation address”

The Quietus “this is their strongest collection yet with an explosion in sound that serves to underline the rage that beats at this album’s heart”

Classic Rock “Punks not dead…its living in Manchester” 13. The Terror Of Modern Life



  • Home Turf (1997) Ultimate
  • Drop the Bomb (1998) Ultimate
  • Do U Believe In The Power of Rock 'n' Roll? (2002) Twenty Stone Blatt
  • Strictly Hardcore (2002) Navena Muzik (Brazil only)
  • Strictly Hardcore (2003) Thick Records (USA only)
  • Rebel Songs (2005) Captain Oi!
  • Strictly Hardcore - The Best Of Goldblade (2006) Captain Oi!
  • Punk Rockers in the Dance Hall (2006) SOS Records (US only)
  • Kiss My Ass (2004) Antrop Records (Russia only)
  • Mutiny (2008) Captain Oi!
  • The Terror of Modern Life ( 2013) Overground Records


  • Introducing...Goldblade EP (1996) Ultimate

'Black Elvis' (1996) Ultimate

  • "Strictly Hardcore" (1997) Ultimate - UK Chart No. 64[3]
  • "Not Even Jesus" (1997) Ultimate
  • "16 Tons" (1998) Ultimate
  • "Hairstyle" (1998) Ultimate
  • "AC/DC" (2002) Twenty Stone Blatt
  • "Who Was The Killa?" (2002) Twenty Stone Blatt (limited edition)
  • "Psycho" (2005) Captain Oi! Records
  • "City Of Christmas Ghosts" (2008) Damaged Goods (featuring Poly Styrene)
  • "Jukebox Generation" (2008) Captain Oi! (split with Argy Bargy)
  • "Riot! Riot!" (2009) KB-Records (Germany) (split with Krawall Bruder)

Download only releases[edit]

Englands Still Dreaming (2010) Self-released to mark the 2010 Football World Cup


  • Testify! Live (2006) Cherry Red - Recorded live at The Royal Oak, Poulton nr Blackpool, Lancashire late 2005.


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