Golden Beach, Hong Kong

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Golden Beach in Hong Kong Gold Coast
Golden Beach at the afternoon, taken in 2006
Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel viewed from Golden Beach.

Golden Beach (黃金泳灘) is located at the 18.5 milestone of Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. It is adjacent to the Cafeteria New Beach.

Golden Beach is the largest public beach in Tuen Mun with a total area of 78,500 m² and a length of 545 metres. It is the first artificial beach in Hong Kong. It is classified as a Grade 2 beach, meaning that the water quality is fair. Tropical trees, like coconut, and flowers of various species are planted on both sides of a 480-metre long promenade running parallel to the beach. Refreshment kiosks, a hotel and a shopping mall are to be found adjacent to the beach.

Golden Beach is unique amongst the beaches of Hong Kong in that it has a volleyball court. The Hong Kong Beach Volleyball Team occasionally practises on Golden Beach.


Golden Beach is served by KMB bus routes 52x (Tuen Mun Central Bus TerminusMongkok), 53 (Yuen LongTsuen Wan) and 61M (Tuen Mun Central Bus TerminusKwai Fong);
by Citybus bus routes 962/N962 (Lung Mun OasisCauseway Bay), 962B (Chi Lok Fa YuenAdmiralty) and 962S (Chi Lok Fa YuenCauseway Bay);
by MTR Bus feeder bus routes K51 (Fu TaiTai Lam) and K53 (Tuen Mun StationSo Kwun Wat).

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Coordinates: 22°22′14″N 113°59′20″E / 22.37056°N 113.98889°E / 22.37056; 113.98889