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Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co. Ltd
Joint venture
Industry Automotive manufacturing
Founded 1992
Headquarters Xiamen, Fujian, China
Area served
Mainland China and overseas market
Products Buses, Coaches, Vans
Parent King Long
Website CN:
One of the Golden Dragon buses operating in the Philippines with the Partas Transportation Co. Inc.. The bus company also owns and operates the very first Golden Dragon bus in the country.

It is part of King Long, one of the largest bus manufacturers in China.[1]

Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co. Ltd (simplified Chinese: 厦门金龙旅行车有限公司; traditional Chinese: 廈門金龍旅行車有限公司; pinyin: xià mén jīn lóng lǚ xíng chē yǒu xiàn gōng sī) or commonly known as the (simplified Chinese: 金旅客车; traditional Chinese: 金旅客車; pinyin: jīnlǚ kèchē; ) is a Chinese joint venture company established in 1992 in developing, manufacturing and selling 5m to 18m long luxury buses and light vans with trade mark of "Golden Dragon" as one of Top 10 Bus Manufacturers & Top 10 Bus Brands in China. So far, the buses have been exported to nearly 40 countries and regions in Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America and are tapping into European market.[2]


City Buses[edit]

  • Golden
  • Golden Dragon XML6115
  • Golden Dragon XML6125
  • Golden Dragon XML6125CL
  • Golden Dragon XML6155
  • Golden Dragon XML6180J
  • Golden Dragon XML6845
  • Golden Dragon XML6925J13CN

Intercity buses[edit]

  • Golden Dragon XML6103J92
  • Golden Dragon XML6121E51G

Mini buses[edit]

  • Golden Dragon XML6700
  • Golden Dragon XML6807
  • Golden Dragon XML6857

Special vehicles[edit]

  • Golden Dragon XML6723 School bus
  • Golden Dragon XML6901 School bus
  • Golden Dragon XML6700 Police bus
  • Golden Dragon XML6127 Police bus
  • Golden Dragon Police Command bus


  • Golden Dragon XML6532[3]


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