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China TV Golden Eagle Award
Golden eagle Awards China.jpg
Golden Eagle Award
Awarded for Excellence in Television
Country China
Presented by China Television Artist Association
First awarded 1983

The China TV Golden Eagle Award (Chinese: 中国电视金鹰奖), commonly known in China as the Golden Eagle Award, is the main national award of the Chinese television industry. The award is often regarded as China's equivalent of the Emmy. The award is presented by the China Television Artists Association.[1] This award has 28 categories including Best Television Series and Best Television Program.


Candidates used to be nominated by members of the China Television Artists Association (CTAA) and managers of local television stations. Voting by a nationwide audience would then determine the winner of the award. Each category had three winning candidates, with the one having the highest number of votes clinching the "Best Award" (最佳奖) while the other two would each receive an "Outstanding Award" (优秀奖). If the nominee with the highest number of votes does not win more than 30% of the total share, the "Best Award" will not be given and instead all three nominees each will take an "Outstanding Award".

In 2000, the awards ceremony has been held in Hunan province and there were changes made since then. The "Outstanding Award" for actor and actress categories was renamed to "Audience's Choice for Actor" or "Audience's Choice for Actress", and each category has about three to five nominees winning this award. There are two ballots, one for the nationwide audience and the other for members of the CTAA. The candidate who takes the most number of votes in the CTAA ballot wins the Best Actor or Best Actress award, while the one who has the highest share of votes from the nationwide audience wins the Favourite Actor or Favourite Actress award. The Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress awards have been cancelled.[2]


Television Series[edit]

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