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Francesco Totti's 2010 Golden Foot imprint

The Golden Foot award is an international football award, given to players who stand out for their athletic achievements (both as individuals and team players) and for their personality. The award is only given to active players of at least 28 years of age, and can only be won once.[1]

Ten nominees are chosen by a panel of international journalists based on the criteria that they are at least 28 years of age and still playing. Out of this list, the winner is selected by an online poll, where anyone can vote.[2] The winner of the award leaves a permanent mould of his footprints on "The Champions Promenade", on the seafront of the Principality of Monaco.

Since 2009, there has been a charity auction accompanying the Golden Foot event. The auction is held during the gala evening at the Hôtel de Paris, and raises funds for fighting AIDS.[3]


List of Golden Foot award winners
Year Player Club Votes
2003 Italy Baggio, RobertoRoberto Baggio Italy Brescia
2004 Czech Republic Nedvěd, PavelPavel Nedvěd Italy Juventus
2005 Ukraine Shevchenko, AndriyAndriy Shevchenko Italy Milan
2006 Brazil Ronaldo Spain Real Madrid
2007 Italy Del Piero, AlessandroAlessandro Del Piero Italy Juventus
2008 Brazil Carlos, RobertoRoberto Carlos Turkey Fenerbahçe
2009 Brazil Ronaldinho Italy Milan 43,755
2010 Italy Francesco Totti Italy Roma 25,738
2011 Wales Ryan Giggs England Manchester United
2012 Sweden Zlatan Ibrahimovic France Paris SG
2013 Ivory Coast Didier Drogba Turkey Galatasaray

By country[edit]

Country Players
 Italy 3
 Brazil 3
 Czech Republic 1
 Ukraine 1
 Wales 1
 Sweden 1
 Ivory Coast 1

By club[edit]

Club Players
Italy Juventus 2
Italy Milan 2
Spain Real Madrid 1
Italy Brescia 1
Turkey Fenerbahçe 1
Italy Roma 1
England Manchester United 1
France Paris SG 1
Turkey Galatasaray 1


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