Golden Gate Academy

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Golden Gate Academy
Oakland, California, USA
Type 1-8
Established 1923
Mascot Gators

Golden Gate Academy was founded in 1923 as a Seventh-day Adventist school on Alcatraz Avenue in Berkeley, California. It remained there for 23 years until it moved to its current position in the Oakland Hills next to Holy Names College in 1949.

The Northern California Conference of the Adventist church closed down Golden Gate Academy for lack of enrollment. The grounds are now used as a private arts school. The nearest K-10 Adventist school to GGA is San Francisco Adventist School, located near City College of SF.

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Coordinates: 37°47′58″N 122°11′04″W / 37.79944°N 122.18433°W / 37.79944; -122.18433