Golden Gate Bridge in popular culture

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Kim Novak in 1958 film "Vertigo".

As a prominent American landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge has been used in a variety of media.



It has featured in the following movies:


It has been the subject of a 2006 documentary and a 2008-2010 documentary TV series:

  • The Bridge – a film about suicides from Golden Gate Bridge in 2004.
  • Life After People - a TV documentary series about what happens to the world if humanity suddenly disappears; the Golden Gate Bridge collapses in less than 100 years due to corrosion in its support cables.



It has also appeared in the opening credits (and/or episodes) in the following television series:

Video games[edit]

It has also appeared in the video games:


  • KRON-TV, the former NBC/My Network TV affiliate used an animated version of the Golden Gate Bridge as their legal ID in the 1970s and 1980s.[1]
  • NORAD Tracks Santa, the Golden Gate Bridge was a featured Santa Cam location for the 2002 tracking season.[2]