Golden Lane

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Golden Lane

Golden Lane (in Czech Zlatá ulička) is a street situated at the Prague Castle, Czech Republic. Its name is connected with 16th century alchemists, who had to look there, according to legends, for a reaction to produce gold. Even though the lane was temporarily called the Street of Alchemists or Alchemists' Alley, alchemists have never worked or lived there.[1]

Golden Lane consist of tiny colored houses. Today it is a part of small and big castle ring (i.e. entrance is available for paying a fee), while from the closing hour of Prague Castle interiors it is open for free. Nowadays there are many souvenir shops in the houses and there is a medieval museum of armory within the former 14th-century fortification accessible from the Golden Lane.

House no. 22 is connected with Franz Kafka, Czech-Jewish writer, who used this house for approximately two years coming here to write in peace.

Golden Lane is connected with Dalibor Tower, which used to be a dungeon.


Coordinates: 50°05′32″N 14°24′14″E / 50.0922°N 14.4039°E / 50.0922; 14.4039