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The Golden Screen Award, formerly known as the Golden Reel Award, is a Canadian film award, presented to the Canadian film with the biggest box office gross of the year. The Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association introduced this award in 1976 as part of the Canadian Film Awards until 1979. The Golden Reel became part of the Genie Awards ceremonies in 1980, and is currently part of the Canadian Screen Awards. It was renamed from Golden Reel to Golden Screen as of the 3rd Canadian Screen Awards in 2015.

As the economics of Canadian film production mean that the year's top-grossing Canadian film is often a francophone film from Quebec, the award often — although not always — goes to the same film as the Billet d'or (Golden Ticket), which is presented by the Jutra Awards to the top-grossing film from Quebec.

In 2015, the Academy also introduced Golden Screen Awards for TV Drama/Comedy and TV Reality Show, to honour the highest-rated Canadian shows in each category.





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