Golden Wind Zen Order

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Golden Wind Zen Order
Dharma Room, Golden Wind Zen Center
School: Zen (Korean Zen)
Founder: Ji Bong (Zen Master Robert Moore)
Founded: 2004
Head temple: Golden Wind Zen Center
Guiding teacher: Ji Bong
Associate Guiding Teacher: Jeff Tipp, JDPSN
Lineage: Seung Sahn
Primary location: Long Beach, California

The Golden Wind Zen Order (GWZO) is an American Zen Buddhist Order with centers and groups, founded in 2004 by Zen Master Ji Bong Sonsa (Robert Moore, Phd). A student of Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn, he was trained in the Kwan Um School of Zen.


Zen Master Sŭngsan, Zen Master Robert Moore and Paul Dochong Lynch, JDPSN founded the Huntington Beach Zen Center on August 14, 1993. The first Zen Center was a four bedroom house with the Dharma Room located in the back of the house as an added on room. In early 1994 the Zen Center accepted its first resident, Carlos Montana, who then became a hangja and lived as a novice monk full-time at the Zen Center. A few residents moved in and out of the Huntington Beach Zen Center, including a Korean Monk from Ssangwon sa named Eungho sunim. In 1995 the Zen Center was moved to a larger six bedroom house in Stanton and at that time Zen Master Sŭngsan suggested to change the name of the center to Hae-an Sŏnwŏn or Ocean Eyes Zen Center.

Due to logistics and an impending donation in 1997 the Ocean Eyes Zen Center moved from Stanton to a residence on Lime Ave. in Long Beach, California where it was established again as a residential Zen Center with 5 to 6 full-time resident zen students until December 1999. The center was temporarily homeless, due to a few zoning issues but kept the practice running in Whittier and a new location in San Pedro until it finally reopened in Long Beach at the current location on September 17, 2000. In the Winter of 2004 Zen Master Robert Moore opted to change the name of the Center to Golden Wind Zen Center and to affiliate with a new independent organization called the Golden Wind Zen Order.


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Jido Popsa-nim's

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