Goldenberg restaurant attack

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Goldenberg restaurant attack
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Chez Jo Goldenberg restaurant in 2005
Location Chez Jo Goldenberg restaurant, Paris, France
Date 9 August 1982
Attack type
Bombing and shooting
Deaths 6
Non-fatal injuries
Suspected perpetrators
Abu Nidal Organization
Number of participants
2 or more

The Chez Jo Goldenberg restaurant attack was a bombing and shooting attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris's Marais district, on 9 August 1982. Two assailants threw a grenade into the dining room and fired machine guns. They killed six people, including two Americans, and injured 22 others. BusinessWeek later said it was "the heaviest toll suffered by Jews in France since World War II."[1][2] The restaurant closed in 2006. Jo Goldenberg died in 2014.

Several writers, including François Massoulié[3] and David Charters,[4] attribute the attack to the Abu Nidal Organization. In March 2015, French authorities said that an international arrest warrant had been issued in connection with the case for three men who belonged to the organization. The suspects live in respectively Norway, Jordan and Ramallah in the Palestinian territories.[5]

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