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Type Privately held company
Predecessor(s) Midas Touch International
Founded March 1995
Founder(s) Laban Roomes
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Area served Global
Key people James Caan (entrepreneur)
Services Gold plating and customisation

Goldgenie is a company that specialises in providing customization of household items.

The service is primarily used to customize mobile phones, games consoles, and household items with gold, copper, nickel, chrome and platinum plating, solid gold, Swarovski crystals and diamonds. Customers order products via the Internet, or send their own items to be customised. The brand does not have any retail outlets but sells selected items via High Street stores including HMV, Apple premium resellers and Selfridges & Co.[citation needed] It sells some items as pre-customised units. These include Apple iPods and iPads, as well as mobile phones and video game consoles. A service is also available by which customers can choose designs and materials from pre-set schemes, or design their own. Laser engraving is also offered.


Goldgenie was formed from an existing company, Midas Touch International, which was launched in March 1995 by Laban Roomes. Originally, the company focussed on the gold plating of car badges. The change in name was part of a rebranding by James Caan, who invested £60,000 ($100,000) in the company after an appearance on British entrepreneur reality TV show Dragon’s Den in October 2007.[1][2] Subsequent to appearing on Dragon's Den, the firm featured in the follow-up television series, Dragons Den: What Happened Next.[3]


The firm operates internationally, using a franchising model of business,[4] with franchises in Africa, Russia, Cyprus, the Channel Islands and Turkey.

Celebrity customisation[edit]

Goldgenie has created a number of customised items for celebrities.[5][6][7] The firm also supplies the UK reality TV show The X Factor with competition prizes.[8]

In the media[edit]

The brand has been featured in print media, in part due to its appearance on Dragon's Den and the partial gold plating of Neasden Temple. These print media include OK! magazine, The Sun, The Guardian, Daily Star, FHM and Evening Standard. It has been featured ionline n,[9],[10] and


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