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For the film, see Austin Powers in Goldmember.
Johann van der Smut
Austin Pow character
First appearance Austin Powers in Goldmember
Last appearance Austin Powers in Goldmember
Created by Mike Myers
Portrayed by Mike Myers
John Travolta (in film-within-film)
Aliases Goldmember
Gender Male
Occupation Agents
Nationality Dutch

Johan van der Smut, better known as Goldmember, is a fictional agent in the third film of the Austin Powers trilogy, Austin Powers in Goldmember.[1] He is played by Mike Myers. The character was partially inspired by the James Bond's Auric Goldfinger. He serves as one of two main antagonists of the film.[2]


Dutch (specifically, Holland)-born Van der Smut was fascinated with gold. After losing his genitals in an unfortunate smelting (or "schmelting," as he pronounces it) accident in the 1970s, he became known as "Goldmember."

Van der Smut teamed up with Dr. Evil in 2002 to conquer Earth. Their plan was to use the tractor beam which he had created to drag a gold asteroid onto the polar ice field and cause a flood.

After Dr. Evil switches sides, Goldmember declares that he will destroy the world himself. When Foxxy Cleopatra throws the key away he reveals that he had replaced his genitals with a duplicate copy of the key. He attempts to activate the tractor beam with the spare key but is stopped by Austin and Dr. Evil when they reverse the polarity in the system. Shocked by the electrical feedback, Goldmember falls to the deck of the submarine, where he is arrested by Foxxy.


His peculiar habits even succeed in creeping out Dr Evil. He has suffered extensive skin damage from being over exposed in tanning booths, and has a nasty habit of eating dead skin that peels off (dermatillomania), or placing them in the 'skin box' with the intention to eat them later. He can dislocate his legs with relative ease (presumably due to his missing genitals), effectively allowing him to kick Foxxy Cleopatra (who for some reason, keeps attempting to hold him at bay by sneaking up behind, putting Goldmember at gun point) from behind multiple times in the movie, although he seems to dislike having to do this. Goldmember is also a reigning champion of disco dancing.

Often, he talks to his armpits in a ritual-like fashion, usually whispering proper sources of certain phrases for copyright purposes. For example, after saying "And that's the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it," quietly comments to the side "KC and the Sunshine Band."

His mark is painting his victims' genitals gold.


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