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Goldstar Events logo.png
Type Electronic commerce
Products Tickets for sports, concerts, theater, entertainment events
Owner Goldstar Events, Inc.
Available in English
Launched February 2002
Current status Online

Goldstar is a privately held company in Pasadena, California that sells half-price tickets to leisure activities such as live entertainment, theatre, concerts, dance, film screenings, sporting events, and spa services. The company serves markets in the metro areas of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York City, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Sacramento, Portland, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia and Miami. It focuses on young people who may not ordinarily choose to go to live events instead of movies, and creates preference profiles for its members based on post-event surveys.[1]

Goldstar’s business is web-based and the company sells only to its members,[2] which number more than 2.5 million.[3]

It is free to join Goldstar.

Goldstar debuted February 14, 2002 and was launched by e-commerce experts Jim McCarthy, Richard Webster and Robert Graff. The web site was the first to introduce user reviews and event rantings online for the live entertainment industry – and continues to host the largest collection of "astroturf free" reviews.[citation needed] In April 2011, Goldstar appointed Neil Patrick Harris, Sean Moriarty and Matt Coffin to the Advisory Board. In September 2011, Goldstar sold its 5 millionth ticket and introduced its patent-pending "Sit with Friends" feature.


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