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A golf course at Apollo Bay, Victoria

Golf in Australia refers to the sport of golf played in Australia.

Governing Body[edit]

Golf Australia is the national sporting body that runs golf in Australia.


The PGA Tour of Australasia is the main men's tour in Australia. It was founded in 1973 as the PGA Tour of Australia, and changed to its current name in 1991. The tour is one of the five charter members of the International Federation of PGA Tours, making it a 1st tier tour. In 2007 the tour has a schedule consisting of 12 events, but only three of them are sole-sanctioned by the PGA Tour of Australasia. The PGA Tour of Australasia's development tour is the Von Nida Tour.

Australia's premier golf tournament and national Open is the Australian Open, run by Golf Australia, which has been held since 1904. Other tournaments include the Australian Masters, which has been held since 1979, and the Australian PGA Championship, which has been held since 1905.

In women's golf, the ALPG Tour has operated since 1972. It became a member of the International Federation of PGA Tours in 2009 when that organisation expanded to include all of the major women's tours. In its most recent season, 2011–12, the tour consisted of 12 events. The two richest are respectively the Ladies Masters, held since 1990, and the Women's Australian Open, held since 1974. Both events are co-sanctioned with the Ladies European Tour, and since the 2012 edition, the Women's Australian Open has also been co-sanctioned by the U.S. LPGA Tour.

Australia's top golfers, whether male or female, generally move to more lucrative tours—the European Tour or the U.S. PGA Tour for men, and the Ladies European Tour or the U.S. LPGA Tour for women—at the first opportunity.


Private golf course in North Bondi, New South Wales

The oldest course in Australia is the Bothwell Golf Club at Bothwell in Tasmania. It was established in 1839 and some claim that it is the oldest course in the Southern Hemisphere. Formed in 1882, the Australian Golf Club in Sydney is the oldest golf club in Australia, however it was not used from 1888-1895. The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is the oldest club in continuous use, founded on 22 May 1891.


Australians have won a total of 26 majors in men's and women's competition. Some notable players include:

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