Gombe, Uganda

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Gombe is located in Uganda
Location in Uganda
Coordinates: 00°29′51″N 32°28′26″E / 0.49750°N 32.47389°E / 0.49750; 32.47389
Country Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda
Region Central Uganda
District Wakiso District

Gombe, Wakiso, Uganda, commonly referred to as Gombe, is a small town in Central Uganda. It is one of the urban centers in Wakiso District.


Gombe is located approximately 3 kilometres (1.9 mi), by road, northwest of Matugga, on the Matugga-Kapeeka Road.[1] This location lies approximately 23 kilometres (14 mi), by road, north of Kampala, the capital of Uganda and the largest city in the country.[2] The coordinates of the town are: 00 29 51N, 32 28 26 (Latitude:0.4975; Longitude:32.4738).


As of March 2014, the population of the town of Gombe, Wakiso, Uganda is not known.


The landmarks within the town limits or close to the edges of the town include:

  • The administrative headquarters of Gombe sub-county, an administrative unit within Wakiso District Administration.
  • The headquarters of Gombe Town Council
  • Gombe Central Market

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Coordinates: 00°29′51″N 32°28′26″E / 0.49750°N 32.47389°E / 0.49750; 32.47389