Gondi dumpling

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Type Dumpling
Course Appetizer or side dish
Place of origin Iran
Main ingredients Meatballs (lamb or chicken)
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Gondi (go-n-dee) is a Persian Jewish dish of meatballs made from ground lamb, veal or chicken traditionally served on Shabbat. Gondi are served in chicken soup, as a side dish, or as an appetizer. Accompaniments are Middle Eastern bread and raw greens such as mint, watercress, and basil. [1]


The origin of Gondi is not certainly known as various cities in Iran are said to have been its origin, but it is commonly said to have first been made in the Jewish community of Tehran. Due to the expense of the meat, it was a specialty for Shabbat. It is one of the few dishes credited to Iranian Jews.[1][2]


Gondi recipes typically include some form of ground meat, flour of toasted chickpeas, shredded onions, ground cardamon, and salt.

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