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A gondola is a traditional Venetian rowing boat, best known today for transporting tourists.

Gondola may also refer to:

Venetian gondolas
An enclosed Ferris wheel gondola
The Falkirk Wheel has two water-filled gondolas
An airship gondola



Compartments or platforms[edit]

  • Gondola (airplane), a compartment on the underside of a powered fixed-wing aircraft
  • Gondola (airship), an external equipment or passenger compartment attached to a powered blimp or dirigible
  • Gondola (balloon), a payload basket or capsule suspended beneath an unpowered hot air or gas balloon
  • Gondola (Ferris wheel), a passenger car or cabin or capsule attached to the rim of the wheel
  • Gondola lift, or cable car, a type of aerial lift
  • Gondola, used to carry passengers in various types of aerial lift
  • Gondola, the cargo or passenger platform suspended beneath a transporter bridge
  • Gondola, major component of the Falkirk Wheel rotating boat lift in Scotland, UK
  • Spy gondola, an observation compartment lowered beneath an airship


  • Gondola (rail), a type of railroad car with an open top and enclosed sides, for carrying loose bulk materials
  • SY Gondola, a preserved steam yacht operated by the National Trust on Coniston Water, England

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