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Tibetan transcription(s)
 • Tibetan ཀོང་ཐང།
 • Wylie transliteration kong thang
Chinese transcription(s)
 • Traditional 公塘乡
 • Pinyin Gōngtáng Xiāng
Damxung County scenery
Damxung County scenery
Gongtang is located in Tibet
Coordinates: 30°31′04″N 90°45′56″E / 30.51778°N 90.76556°E / 30.51778; 90.76556Coordinates: 30°31′04″N 90°45′56″E / 30.51778°N 90.76556°E / 30.51778; 90.76556
Country China
Province Tibet Autonomous Region
Prefecture Lhasa Prefecture
County Damxung County
Population (2003)
 • Total 4,800
Time zone CST (UTC+8)

Gongtang is a town and township in Damxung County in the Lhasa Prefecture of Tibet. Established in 1960, in 1970 it became a township. It has a population of around 4800 and contains four village committees. The economy is based around animal husbandry, mainly shepherding goats, sheep, cattle and horses.