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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Chromalveolata
(unranked): Hacrobia
Division: Cryptophyta
Order: Cryptomonadales
Family: Cryptomonadaceae
Genus: Goniomonas
Stein, 1878

Goniomonas is a genus of single-celled eukaryotes, including both freshwater and marine species. It is unusual among the Cryptophyta in that it lacks plastids.[1] It may reflect one of only a small number of times that the cryptophytes evolved into freshwater habitats.[2] It is the only genus in the family Goniomonadaceae, when that is considered separate from Cryptomonadaceae, and the only member of the order Goniomonadales, when that is considered separate from the Cryptomonadales. Goniomonas seems to have a number of freshwater relatives which have not yet been cultured nor named (known as the CRY1 clade).[2] It contains the three species Goniomonas amphinema, Goniomonas pacifica and Goniomonas truncata.[3]


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