Gonzalo Córdova

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Gonzalo Segundo Córdova y Rivera (July 15, 1863 – April 13, 1928) was President of Ecuador from 1924-1925. Like his immediate predecessors in the Liberal Party, he was considered to be a pawn of "La Argolla" ring"), a plutocracy of coastal agricultural and banking interests whose linchpin was the Commercial and Agricultural Bank of Guayaquil led by Francisco Urbina Jado.

Popular unrest, together with an ongoing economic crisis and a sickly president, laid the foundations for a bloodless coup d'état against Córdova in July 1925. Unlike previous coups in Ecuador, the 1925 coup was in the name of a collective grouping, the League of Young Officers, rather than a particular caudillo.

Preceded by
José Luis Tamayo
President of Ecuador
Succeeded by
Luis Telmo Paz

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