Gonzalo Lira

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Gonzalo Lira
Gonzalo Lira.JPG
Gonzalo Lira with movie camera in 2005
Occupation Author, economic commentator

Gonzalo Lira is an author and economic commentator.[1]

In 1997 Lira's book, Tomáh Errázurih, was published by Mondadori.[2] In 1998, his novel, Counterparts, was published by Putnam.[3] Lira was a story consultant in the 1999 video game Soldier of Fortune.[4] The film rights to his novel, Acrobat, were sold to Miramax Films[5] and film director Sydney Pollack in 2002. [6] Lira is a blog writer for the economic web sites Zero Hedge, Seeking Alpha, Naked Capitalism and Business Insider.[citation needed]


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