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This article is about the children's film. For the Disney character parodied in Internet memes as "Gooby", see Goofy.
Directed by Wilson Coneybeare
Produced by
  • John Calvert
  • Wilson Coneybeare
Written by Wilson Coneybeare
Music by
  • Kevin Lau
  • Ronald Royer
Cinematography Michael Storey
Edited by Ellen Fine
Distributed by Christian Torres
Release date(s)
  • 17 April 2009 (2009-04-17)
Country Canada
Language English

Gooby is a 2009 children's film directed by Wilson Coneybeare featuring the voice of Robbie Coltrane as the voice of Gooby, a living teddy bear, and Matthew Knight as Willy, an 11 year old child who is scared of his new house.

The film was shot on a budget of $6.5 million. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives it 20% Rotten based on five reviews.[1]


Willy is an 11-year-old boy with an overactive imagination, always believing weird creatures are just waiting to attack him. He believes that the only thing that's keeping him safe is his house, which is located on the best street in the world. One day his parents decide to move and he isn't very thrilled at the idea of going to a new school and living in a strange house. One day, Gooby, a teddy bear that Willy had as a little boy arrives at the new house. Now however, Gooby is nearly six feet tall, can talk and wants to help Willy. Willy decides that the two will be friends, but that he must hide the bear from his parents.

Left alone for long hours while his friend goes to school, Gooby is frequently bored. He passes the time mostly by getting into trouble, convincing the nanny that there are critters inside the house, stealing cookies from the kitchen, ransacking the garage for parts to build Willy's fantasy racer and sneaking around Willy's school where anyone could see him. When Willy's teacher goes on maternity she is replaced by Mr. Nerdlinger, a children's book writer who desperately wants to become famous. When he catches sight of Gooby, he becomes determined to photograph the creature. Willy has trouble making friends and the fact that Gooby's appearance outside Mr. Nerdlinger's class makes his freak out and earns him and three of his classmates detention doesn't help. On Halloween day, Willy and Gooby go out during daylight to have fun (Gooby pretends to be Willy's father in a costume) and Willy makes friends with the most popular kids in school by having Gooby buy them all tickets to an R-rated action movie. Gooby soon gets jealous when Willy starts hanging out more and more with his friends, until the two get into an argument and Gooby runs away.

Willy's grades start to drop and his parents get worried until one night when Gooby returns. He convinces Willy to follow him to a surprise location far away. Willy's parents notice that their son is gone and call the police. Gooby shows Willy what he has discovered: it's his father's childhood home. While exploring it, Willy gets scared and falls backwards, breaking through the floor. He is holding onto a metal pipe and too far down for Gooby to help him up. Gooby uses Willy's cellphone to call his father, who comes to the rescue. After saving Willy, Gooby talks to Mr. Dandrige and reminds him of how when he was a child his father never spent enough time with him. Willy's mother and father decide to stop working so hard and focus more on their son. One day, while shopping for materials to build Willy a playhouse, the family foils Mr. Nerdlinger's attempt to get pictures of Gooby when Willy notices that Gooby has wandered off. Gooby explains to Willy that now that he is happy and no longer so alone and afraid of imaginary creatures, it's time for Gooby to move on and help another child. Gooby transforms back into a teddy bear and Willy offers him to a little girl who is being ignored by her parents.


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