Good-byes and Butterflies

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Good-byes and Butterflies
Studio album by Five Man Electrical Band
Released 1970, 1971
Genre Rock
Label Lionel Records

Good-byes and Butterflies is the second studio album by the Canadian rock band, the Five Man Electrical Band. This album includes the band's biggest hit, "Signs". The album was originally released in 1970, and then re-released in 1971 with different cover art.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Signs
  2. Safe & Sound (With Jesus)
  3. Dance of the Swamp Woman
  4. (You and I) Butterfly
  5. Hello Melinda Goodbye
  6. Moonshine (Friend Of Mine)
  7. Forever Together
  8. Mama's Babychild
  9. The Man with the Horse and Wagon
  10. All Is Right (With The World)
  11. Variations on a Theme of Lepidoptera