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The Good Gifts Catalogue was launched in 2003 and is an initiative of the Charities Advisory Trust.

A 'good gift' is a gift given by one person to another person/group of people in need of the gift, or to improve the lives of animals, on behalf of another person. The recipient of a Good Gift card receives the knowledge that something good has been done on their behalf. For example, if person x buys person y the 'Goat for Peace' for £20, this buys 'a fine goat for a grateful family' ² (in an unspecified location), and a card is sent, or emailed, to person y , thanking them for purchasing the goat, along with a message of thanks/greeting etc. from person x. Each gift comes with a 'Cast-Iron Guarantee' ¹ that stipulates that the money will be used in the exact manner the gift describes.

The Catalogue was a precursor to the initiative launched by Oxfam, Oxfam Unwrapped, that sells similar gifts but without the assurance that the money given will necessarily be used in the way the gift implies.

The not-for-profit organisation Peace Oil, that raises money for worldwide peace & reconciliation projects via the exportation of extra virgin olive oil grown and produced in the Middle East, was born out of its success on the Good Gift Catalogue.


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