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School Campus of Good Hope School (11-2010)
Good Hope School

Good Hope School (GHS; Traditional Chinese: 德望學校) is a renowned girls' school in Hong Kong with primary and secondary sections, founded in 1954. It is conducted by Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (M.I.C.). It is located at the junction of Ngau Chi Wan Street and Clear Water Bay Road, on the hill in the eastern outskirt of Ngau Chi Wan.


Originally, Good Hope got its start as a kindergarten on Waterloo Road. Good Hope is a Catholic school conducted by the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (MIC) and was established in 1954. In 1955, the Primary School opened at its current location. The Secondary School accepted its first Form 1 students in 1957: These students sat for the HKCE Examination in 1962.

To accommodate the increasing number of students, a new wing was opened in 1963. Eventually, Good Hope School, Secondary Section grew to its current size of 36 classes in 1975. The Secondary Section became fully subsidised under the Hong Kong Education Department in 1978. Delia's Wing was inaugurated in 1985. Though Good Hope has discontinued the Kindergarten, the school takes pride in the fact that most of the students remain Good Hopers throughout their primary and secondary years. The primary section was demolished in 2005 and rebuilt in 2008. The kindergarten was also reopened in 2010. Good Hope School was established by a group of MIC Sisters from Canada. It was initially opened at 125 Waterloo Road, Kowloon.

1954 Started with Kindergarten and Primary classes

1955 The Primary school moved to NKIL 3810, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon

1957 Good Hope School Secondary accepted students for Forms I & II

1960 Secondary Section became an Assisted Private School

1962 The students sat for the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination

1964 Secondary school on NKIL 4192 (a T-shaped building) - Our Lady’s, St. Joseph’s and Science Wings were completed

1974 Started first Lower 6 Arts classes (2 classes)

1975 First Upper 6 Arts Class and Lower 6 Science class opened

1976 First Upper 6 Arts Students sat for “A” Levels

1977 First Upper 6 Science Students sat for “A” Levels

1978 Secondary school became fully subsidized under the Hong Kong Education Department

1984 Completion of Delia’s Wing

1995 Good Hope Swimming Pool was completed and first used

2002 Good Hope School started to change to DSS (Direct Subsidy Scheme) in stages

• SIP (School Improvement Programme) building, at the back of the T-shaped building – Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s of Lourdes Wings were completed.
• The Library with skyscreen canopy was also completed occupying part of the St. Joseph’s playground
• Reconstruction of the Primary Section began.

2007 One more storey was added onto the SIP building

GHS celebrated her Golden Jubilee with the following activities: Open days inaugurated by Professor Arthur Lee, Secretary for Education Golden Jubilee Opening and Closing Mass (GHS/Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception)

2009 Reconstruction of Primary section completed and becomes a full day school Good Hope School Kindergarten Building completed and invites application for K1 to K3 for the school year 2010 - 2011

2012 The Primary and Kindergarten Section was registered as Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten


Secondary Hopers Houses are named after trees.

  • Hazel(榛木)(Yellow)
  • Oak(橡樹)(Grey/Purple)
  • Pine(松樹)(Green)
  • Elm(榆樹)(Blue)
  • Redwood(紅樹)(Pink/Red)
  • Sandal(檀香木,白檀木)(Orange)

Primary Hopers Houses are named after flowers.

  • Holly(冬青)(Red)
  • Orchid(蘭花)(Purple)
  • Pansy(三色堇)(Yellow)
  • Edelweiss(雪絨花)(Green)
  • Rose (玫瑰)(Pink)

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