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Project Blowed
Founded 1994 (1994)[1]
Founder Aceyalone, Abstract Rude
Genre Underground hip hop
Country of origin  USA
Location Los Angeles, California
Official website Project Blowed on Twitter

Project Blowed is an open-mic workshop, its affiliated underground hip hop crew and record label based in Los Angeles, California.[2]


The roots of Project Blowed can be traced back to the Good Life Cafe, a Health Food Center in South Central Los Angeles, California.[3] It was described by UGSMAG as "a platform for rappers to perform their material" and "a testing ground for Los Angeles' independent rap scene".[4] Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Lenny Kravitz reportedly attended the open-mic.[3]

In 1994, Aceyalone and Abstract Rude produced the original Project Blowed compilation album.[5] In 2005, Project Blowed released a follow up album, Project Blowed: 10th Anniversary, on Decon.[6]


With the expansion of the Blowdian roster to include newer groups such as Customer Service and Swim Team, Project Blowed has since opened an additional workshop in California's Inland Empire to accompany its primary location in Leimert Park, Los Angeles.[7]


Track listing[edit]

Project Blowed (1995)

# Title Producer(s) Artist(s) Note(s)
1 "Jurassick" Home Grown Beatz Aceyalone, Spoon Iodine, C.V.E.
2 "Who's There?" Self Jupiter
3 "Strength Of A.T.U." Digiak Abstract Rude (of ATU)
4 "What A Pity" DJ Wolf Riddlore & Ngafsh (of C.V.E.)
5 "Don't Get It Twisted" Digiak Figures Of Speech Jyant & Eve
6 "Hot" JMD Freestyle Fellowship, Horace Tapscott, Underground Railroad
7 "Once Upon A Freak" CV Shack Productionz Tray Loc (of C.V.E.)
8 "Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood" J-Sumbi Dolla Holla
9 "Solo Is So Low" Fat Jack DK Toon & B Cartoon
10 "This Evening" interlude
11 "Heavyweights Round 2" Mathmattiks P.E.A.C.E., T Love, Aceyalone, Nefertiti, Self Jupiter, BJ, Ganjah K, Medusa, Ko Ko, Myka 9, Volume 10
12 "Funky Commercial Break" Digiak Funky Trend
13 "Second Chance" interlude
14 "I Don't Know" Fat Jack Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, Riddlore
15 "Yeh Man" Digiak Abstract Rude (of ATU)
16 "Narcolepsy" Cee Vee Beat Down & Hip Hop Kclan C.V.E., Rifleman aka Ellay Khule
17 "I Think?" Aceyalone Aceyalone
18 "Maskaraid Part 1 & 2" Fat Jack Abstract Rude & Aceyalone The A-Team
19 "Treble And Bass" Vic Hop Abstract Rude & Aceyalone The A-Team

Project Blowed: 10th Anniversary (2005)

# Title Producer(s) Artist(s) Note(s)
1 "4343 Leimert Blvd. L.A., CA 90008"
2 "Enter the Kaos" Riddlore Aceyalone, Busdriver, Longevity, NgaFsh
3 "Who the F*ck Is You?" PMG Aceyalone, Riddlore, Abstract Rude, Busdriver, Rifleman
4 "Live @ the Blowed" Longevity Customer Service Y-Not, Kail, SP83, A-oK, Nocando, JoeSue, Choice, Psychosiz
5 "Villains" C.V.E. C.V.E.
6 "The People" Omid Sach, Pigeon John, Rifleman
7 "Sound Boy Murderers" Fat Jack Abstract Tribe Unique
8 "Too Underground" Kenny Segal Busdriver
9 "Sounds Like" Nobody Hip Hop Clan Rifleman & Pterradacto
10 "What's Your Aim?" Re.4m Acid Reign
11 "Cray Crazy" Thavius Beck Aceyalone, Busdriver, Nocando, Subtitle
12 "Jazzy Girl" Toca Myka 9, Busdriver, Xololanxinxo, and Toca (Freestyle)
13 "Astro Pimp" JB Cypher 7
14 "How You Been?" (Homegirl) Jizzm High Definition Otherwize
15 "What It Do?" PMG Medusa, Mr. Perkins, Black Silver, Volume 10
16 "Do Unto Others" Beat Science Aceyalone
17 "13th Month" Kenny Segal Abstract Rude, Busdriver, Phoenix Orion
18 "Mama & Pappa Raised Right" DJ Drez Pterradacto, Aceyalone, Jah Orah, Nonstop
19 "Battle Prone" Myka 9 Myka 9, Power Tung, Wreek One
20 "Ruff Rhymes" Longevity Aceyalone, Longevity
21 "Doing What We Love" Beat Science Jah Orah

Bold denotes a group.

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