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[1][2] The Good Life Health Food Centre opened in 1989 on the NW corner of Crenshaw and Exposition Blvd. The Good Life Open Mic began December 29, 1989 and subsequently ran for 7 & 1/2 years weekly on Thursday nights. As a community-minded health food store, owners Ifa Sade and Omar had a wide variety of entertainment at their facility. Hip Hop was suggested to them by B. Hall who in turn had her son R/KainBlaze and his friends The Mighty O-Roc and The Dynamic Flow plan and facilitate the event. The event would be named KNGR: Underground Radio though virtually everyone referred to it as "The Good Life".

Initially there was a bill of performers who did sets. But as the night built up, interest in performers dictated an open mic format. The no profanity rule was instituted a year into the event and the time shrunk from 8 to midnight down to 8 to 11 then finally 8 to 10 due to changes in the store hours. On special occasions, the owners would be swayed to allow an extra hour of time. Most often, people would take their rhymes into the parking lot and battle after closing. In December 1995, several notable performers established Project Blowed which became its own successful venue.

The Good Life Open Mic last show was in September 1997. The Good Life Health Food Centre closed its doors in 1999.

A brief list of notable performers who helped elevate the Good Life style: Unity Community (Jurassic 5), Ahmad, Skee-lo, Freestyle Fellowship, Rifleman (Hip Hop Clan), Of Mexican Descent, Click, Volume 10, SIN (Medusa), Kurupt, and many others.

In 2008, Ava DuVernay (Eve from Figures of Speech) released her documentary "This Is The Life" which featured a select set hip hop artists during her time at the Good Life.


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