Good Old War

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Good Old War
Goodoldwar img13.jpg
Background information
Origin Langhorne, Pennsylvania, United States
Genres Indie folk[1]
Years active 2008-Present
Labels Sargent House
Associated acts Days Away, Cast Spells, Anthony Green
  • Keith Goodwin
  • Dan Schwartz
Past members
  • Tim Arnold

Good Old War is an indie band from Philadelphia, PA featuring former members of Days Away.


Good Old War is made up of Keith Goodwin and Dan Schwartz. The band's name comes from the last names of the three founding members; Goodwin for Good, Arnold (former member) for Old, and Schwartz for War. The band was started after Days Away (former band of Keith and Tim) went on hiatus; Schwartz previously played in Unlikely Cowboy.[2] They recorded some demos for free in a late night session at a recording studio. They have played with Anthony Green on a short stint of dates along the east coast and also at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Texas, as Anthony’s backing band. They are currently on Sargent House, a label which also serves as a management company. The band recorded their debut album in May 2008 in Los Angeles, with producer Rick Parker, who also produced the final EP from Days Away entitled Ear Candy for the Headphone Trippers. Good Old War recorded Anthony Green's album Avalon with him as his band, and will be performing as his band in addition to playing direct support as Good Old War, with Person L (a project featuring Kenny Vasoli of The Starting Line) for a nationwide headlining tour that begins August 6 through September 14, 2008. Anthony Green makes a guest vocal appearance on the track "Weak Man", along with Dave Davison from the band Maps & Atlases who plays a guest guitar solo, also on "Weak Man".[3]

They released their self-titled second album on June 1, 2010, which peaked at #150 on the Billboard 200.[4] On April 22 they released "My Own Sinking Ship", the first single from their new album made available for free download.

Good Old War released a new album on March 6, 2012 titled Come Back as Rain.[5][6]

On December 6, 2011, Good Old War debuted a new single entitled "Calling Me Names" from their upcoming album on the radio in the Philadelphia area.

Arnold left the band in 2014.



  • Keith Goodwin - Vocals, Guitar, Keys (2008–Present)
  • Dan Schwartz - Guitar, Vocals (2008–Present)
  • Tim Arnold - Drums, Keys, Accordion, Vocals (2008-2014)



Only Way To Be Alone (Sargent House, November 4, 2008)

Track listing

  1. "Coney Island"
  2. "Just Another Day"
  3. "Looking For Shelter"
  4. "Weak Man" (feat. Anthony Green & Dave Davison)
  5. "I'm Not For You"
  6. "We've Come a Long Way"
  7. "No Time"
  8. "That's What's Wrong"
  9. "Maybe Mine"
  10. "Tell Me"
  11. "Window"
  12. "Stay by my Side" (feat. Ali Wadsworth of Unlikely Cowboy and Claire Wadsworth)

Good Old War (Sargent House, June 1, 2010)

Track listing

  1. "GOOD"
  2. "Here Are the Problems"
  3. "My Own Sinking Ship"
  4. "Making My Life"
  5. "OLD"
  6. "That's Some Dream"
  7. "Sneaky Louise"
  8. "Get Some"
  9. "While I'm Away"
  10. "Woody's Hood Boogie Woogie"
  11. "My Name's Sorrow"
  12. "World Watching"
  13. "I Should Go"
  14. "Thinking of You"
  15. "WAR"

Come Back as Rain (Sargent House, March 6, 2012)

Track listing

  1. "Over and Over"
  2. "Calling Me Names"
  3. "Amazing Eyes"
  4. "Better Weather"
  5. "Can't Go Home"
  6. "Not Quite Happiness"
  7. "Touch the Clouds (Taste the Ground)"
  8. "It Hurts Every Time"
  9. "After The Party"
  10. "Loud Love"
  11. "Present for the End of the World"


Good Old War / Cast Spells Split EP (Sargent House, 2009)

Track listing

  1. "Good Old War - Breaking Down "
  2. "Good Old War - Texas Blues"
  3. "Cast Spells - All Brass"
  4. "Cast Spells - Letters"

The Sessions (2009)

Track listing

  1. "Coney Island (Acoustic) "
  2. "I'm Not For You (Acoustic)"
  3. "Tell Me (Acoustic)"
  4. "We've Come A Long Way (Acoustic)"
  5. "Window (Acoustic)"

Music videos[edit]

Year Video Director
2008 "Coney Island"[7] Behn Fannin
2009 "Weak Man"[8] Matthew Stawski
2010 "That's Some Dream"[9] Behn Fannin
2012 "Calling Me Names"[10] Elliott Sellers
"Amazing Eyes"[11]


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