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For the warehouse store chain, see Sam's Club.
Good Sam Club
Good Sam Club logo.gif
Founder Art Rouse
Type Organization of recreational vehicle owners
Headquarters Englewood, Colorado
1.5 million, largest organization of RV owners in the world
Owner Good Sam Enterprises
Parent organization
Good Sam Enterprises
Affiliations State and local club chapters, NASCAR

The Good Sam Club is an international organization of recreational vehicle (RV) owners and the largest organization of RV owners in the world.[1] It is focused upon making RVing safer and more enjoyable, and to save members money through club-endorsed benefits and services.[2] It states that it has 1.5 million members.[3] It was founded in 1966,[2][3] and is currently owned by the Good Sam Enterprises. The organization has affiliated state and local chapter clubs, which host gatherings and rallys called "Samborees". The organization is affiliated with RV parks and campgrounds, and also with The Good Sam 200 and Good Sam Club 500 NASCAR auto races.



Credited as the founder of the Good Sam Club is Art Rouse,[4] founder of TL Enterprises, a California-based publishing company responsible for Trailer Life magazine,[5] Motorhome magazine,[5] Coast to Coast magazine,[5] Highway Herald[5] and Rider Magazine. Rouse and his two sons acquired the organization in 1968 and further developed member benefits and RV-related services for which the club is known. Rouse sold TL Enterprises in the 1980s and died on June 19, 2007 following head injuries suffered as a result of a fall, at 89 years old.[6]


Good Sam Club is based in Englewood, Colorado.[3] The organization is currently owned by the Good Sam Enterprises, which also owns Camping World (an American corporation specializing in selling parts and service for recreational vehicles and supplies for camping), Coast to Coast Resorts,[7] Trailer Life Publications, Motor Home Publications and the Good Sam Travel Guide & Campground Directory hosted by Woodall's.[8] Members receive a one-year subscription to Highways magazine.[2] The club operates an information hotline that is available for members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.[3] The organization also offers additional services such as roadside assistance, RV insurance and RV extended warranties for additional fees.[9]


In 1985, the club had over 450,000 members,[10] and it states that it presently has 1.5 million members.[3] Club members sometimes refer to themselves as "Good Sammers"[11] or "Sammers".


The club's name comes from the Bible parable of the Good Samaritan,[12] which tells of a traveler from the region of Samaria who helped a person along the road who had been robbed and beaten.


State clubs[edit]

State clubs exist that are directly affiliated with Good Sam Club, such as The Minnesota Good Sam Club,[13] Washington State Good Sam Organization[14] The Texas Good Sam Chapters,[15] Alaska Good Sams,[16] and many others.

Chapter clubs[edit]

The club has affiliate chapter clubs, which are also directly affiliated with Good Sam Club.[12] Some chapter clubs coordinate with state clubs for gatherings, meetings and events.[15] An example of this occurs in Texas, in which state chapters coordinate with Texas Good Sam Chapters.[15] Chapter clubs have their own custom logos, which are logged at Good Sam Club's main headquarters.[12] They also have their own vests and colors.[12]


Gatherings and rallies called Samborees are held by the club and its state and local chapters.[2][13] In 2009, approximately 4,000 recreational vehicles were present at the club's national Samboree in Albuquerque, New Mexico.[12] An example of a state club jamboree is The Minnesota Good Sam Club State Samboree.[13]

RV park affiliations[edit]

In 2005, there were over 1,600 RV parks and campgrounds affiliated with the Good Sam organization[2] in which club members receive a 10% discount on the nightly rate for staying in their parks.[17] These RV parks have to meet a minimum standard of services and appearance to be considered for association.[18]

Good Sam also publishes information to help members find parks that provide stated levels of services. Associated parks pay no revenue to Good Sam other than the cost of inspection and may advertise in the Good Sam publications at their discretion.

Good Sam Club NASCAR races[edit]

Marcus Lemonis at the NASCAR Good Sam Club 500 in 2012

The club is associated with the NASCAR Good Sam Club 500 Race[19][20] and the Good Sam Club 200 NASCAR auto races.[21]

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