Goodbye Pop 1952–1976

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Goodbye Pop 1952–1976
Studio album by National Lampoon
Released 1975
Genre Comedy
Label National Lampoon
National Lampoon chronology
Gold Turkey Goodbye Pop 1952–1976 That's Not Funny, That's Sick

Goodbye Pop 1952–1976 was an American comedy album of song parodies and sketches that was released as a vinyl record in 1975. It was a spin-off from National Lampoon magazine. Performers include Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, Christopher Guest, Paul Shaffer and Tony Scheuren.


  1. Roger de Swanns Intros: Goodbye Pop
  2. The Mel Brewer Show
  3. Down the Dial to: Kung Fu Christmas
  4. A History of the Beatles
  5. The B side of Love
  6. I'm a Woman
  7. A History of Neil Young
  8. Old Maid (Southern California Brings Me Down)
  9. Roger Raps with Sid About: The Art Rock Suite
  10. The Return of Ron Fields
  11. Down to Jamaica
  12. Goodbye Ron, Mel and Pop