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Goodiepal and pals.jpg
Goodiepal and part of his expert panel, 2009
Background information
Birth name Parl Kristian Bjørn Vester
Also known as Circulation Of Events, Mainpal Inv.
Born 1974
Origin Faroe Islands
Genres Electronica, Folk, Experimental music
Occupation(s) Music composer
Media artist
Years active 1992–present
Labels Spoof Records, V/Vm Test Records, Unbearable Recordings, Alku
Associated acts Red Man K, Escaping From The Zoo
Website [16]

Goodiepal or Gæoudji SYGNOK (Parl Kristian Bjørn Vester), is a Faroese/ Danish musician/composer, writer, and professor of computer music technology and media art. He has written two books: "Radical Computer Music & Fantastisk Medie Manipulation" and "El Camino Del Hardcore - Rejsen Til Nordens Indre".[1] [2] Goodiepal's work often involves performance lecture, and his tours have included 150 universities internationally.[3] From 2004 till 2008 he was the head of the electronic music department and a teacher at DIEM (Danish Institute for Electro-acoustic Music) at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. Goodiepal is also known for only traveling via his home-made bike. " Kommunal klon Komputer 2, and for his production of his own electricity with dynamos. Tórshavn is the Goodiepal's central, reference location.

Early Biography[edit]

Goodiepal went to the Rudolf Steiner school where electronics were prohibited.[4] This led to Goodiepal's participation in secret demo groups releasing demos on floppy discs for Commodore and Amiga computers. Only very few of these demos have survived to this day but some can still be found as downloads from various peer-to-peer services.[5] Goodiepal departed from the Steiner school after eight years and embarked on various activities with hacker groups in the grey area of computer software programming and distribution in order to provide for his musical career, by then already in full progress.[6]

Projects and Albums[edit]

1992-1995: Vip.ibex[edit]

The first full-length CD Vip. ibex was released by the Danish record label Spoof Records in 1995 under the name Circulation of Events. Only a limited number of copies were distributed and the rest were deliberately hidden away in a basement in North Jutland County, Denmark, where they were kept in order to be rereleased ten years later on the date of pressing. Circulation of Events was a name used by Goodiepal but sometimes also by early mentors such as Odd Bjertnes and Halfdan Larsen. In 1993 Kim Grønborg and Goodiepal premiered the light concert Interelektrolux at Galleri Høgsberg in Århus, Denmark. The show consisted of two rooms with individually computer programmed light sources creating a one hour long concert running continuously for two weeks.

1996-1998: Sincerely Christmas and Friends of The Goodiepal[edit]

In 1996 Goodiepal produced the debut album Knee for the Danish (then teenage) rockband Düreforsög. The album consolidated the band and led to a performance as the opening act on the main Orange Stage at 1997's Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Goodiepal operated the sound system from inside a five meter tall inflatable rubber chicken placed on top of the stage, a tribute to the legendary American band Cock E.S.P..
In the following years, Goodiepal worked as a producer and programmer for a number of Danish artists and also released the single "Sincerely Christmas" on major label BMG Europe/RCA with Danish techno equilibrist Bjørn Svin.[7] The album faced negative reviews but received praise in 2006 from the Danish artist and physicist Teppop.[8]
In 1998, Goodiepal hosted two shows called Friends of The Goodiepal at Den Anden Opera in Copenhagen, Denmark, presenting V/Vm, Anthony Manning, Thomas Brinkmann, Escaping From the Zoo and many other friends.

1997-2000: Goodiebags and Demonbags[edit]

Goodiebag/ Demonbag codebreaker, 1997
Brand-archive codebreaker, 2000

Goodiepal's connection to V/Vm Test Records was established when the Manchester-based label released the two 7"-series Goodiebags and Demonbags consisting of nine+nine singles. Programmers and sound artists such as Anthony Manning, Lucky Kitchen, V/Vm, Steuea, Per Hoier, Voks and Team Doyobi were featured on the 18 vinyls, which came with a secret Codebreaker manual sheet.[9]
The series were concluded in 2000 and Goodiepal carried on with the new Mainpal Inv. Brand-archive consisting of a series of autonomously manipulated sound designs for a range of companies such as Sony, Nokia,[10] Chupa Chups and Bang & Olufsen. Goodiepal is said to have been working for the Danish advertisement agency Danesadwork/Propaganda at the time as a creative consultant, fuelling rumours that the Brand-archive reclaimed material he had produced for these companies.[4] Subsequent lawsuits had him kicked out of the business and he started working as a home carer on the Faroe Islands as well as in Frederiksberg, Denmark.[5] The Brand-archive, dealing with matters such as authenticity, modification, folklore, and corporate companies, inspired a lot of other actors in and around the electronic music circles of the western world. The album The Civil War (album) by Matmos would probably not have existed without it.
In between numerous releases, Goodiepal toured extensively all over the western world and in 2000 relocated to London becoming closely connected to the Italian duo Gamers In Exile and their record label Unbearable Recordings. Goodiepal/Mainpal appeared with some of the tracks from the Goodiebag/Demonbag-series on Unbearable_Heroes Wave 2.[11]

2001-2003: Narc Beacon[edit]

Audio excerpt from "Primitiv Matrix Musik" released on Demonbag W8N in 1998 including a small overture and the first five matrix figures

Problems playing this file? See media help.
Audio excerpt from "Hitachi", part of the Mainpal Inverted Brand series released in 2000 by unknown label. "Hitachi" later appeared on Nag Nag Bacon, Skipp 2003

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In 2001 the French label SKI-PP, run by DAT Politics, released Goodiepal's debut album Narc Beacon on CD, it was subsequently released on vinyl as well called Nag Nag Bacon. The album was praised in several magazines as one of that year's best releases,[12] and also listed among the most important 50 Danish records ever in the Encyclopedia of Danish Rock Music (Dansk Rock Leksikon).[13] British music magazine The Wire wrote, "On the first few spins, the disc feels like a sonic translation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. It's an immersive, disorientating trip that marries Sgt Pepper-esque chunks of psychedelic digitalia, jaunty folk jigs, children's TV jingles, baroque music box follies and indescribable sonic oddities." [4]
Right before the release of Narc Beacon, Goodiepal proclaimed that he would take a break from releasing music and that his next major work would be a brick based compositional musical language. This would take the form of a game, which would deal more radically with computer music and later develop into the Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra compositional game scenario.[14] Originally intended to be premiered around 2003, the game was not brought into action until 2007 when it was premiered at the gallery Andersen's Contemporary in Copenhagen, Denmark. Goodiepal toured most of the western world again with a set consisting of sound bites from the album, whistling, and clips from the Brand-archive. His live concerts during this period were highly praised with one notable concert, recorded by national Danish radio, receiving six out of six stars in the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet.[15]
Narc Beacon was awarded an honourable mention at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, in 2002,[16] and the same year Goodiepal gave his first lectures in the USA, among other places at CalArts, Brown University, and University of Iowa.[17] He also lectured with a broken leg and damaged arms at Princeton University, US, after throwing himself out from a balcony in east London, UK.

Goodiepal lecturing at Princeton University, 2003

2004-2005: The mechanical bird and Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra[edit]

In 2004 Goodiepal premiered his self-built mechanical bird, which he performers with a set of planets and a wind-up music machine, the latter using fabricated punchcards made by Goodiepal. Numerous mobile phone images and film clips can be found online from these shows. Goodiepal spent most of 2004 with his family on the Faroe Islands building these instruments. He further commissioned Anthony Manning and Pure to record special wake-up calls for the mechanical bird.[18]
2004 also saw Goodiepal sell a huge library and sound archive called the Hacker Pack in an attempt to devalue recorded media. The content of the Hacker Pack was mainly what he described as "reclaimed sounds", in other words sounds that he had made for various jingles and advertisements a few years earlier. The discus also included various software and data on conspiracy theories and UFO activities.[19]

Mechanical Birds, Goodiepal

He went on to participate in the installation Circus Pentium by Danish artist Henrik Plenge Jakobsen opening at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark, also in 2004. The work comprised a circus set-up with Goodiepal playing the lute alongside other actors and was also shown at Art Basel, Switzerland, and Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The installation generally got a negative response from art critics in Denmark while it was received to greater acclaim outside Scandinavia.[20] The same year saw Goodiepal employed as a teacher in History and Aesthetics of Electronic Music at DIEM (Danish Institute of Electro-acoustic Music) The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, subsequently moving on to teach in Composition as well.[21]
In 2005 Goodiepal released an untitled double-12" coloured vinyl on V/Vm Test Records with the catalogue number VVMT24 containing a selection of iconic Goodiepal music such as the home-built music box, whistling, action packed trance plus not least the famous mechanical bird, including one of the wake-up calls as mentioned above. The release came in 100 copies with engravings in Goodiepal's significant style, which has also been a greatly admired feature on a number of other of his releases.[22]

Mechanical Birds, Goodiepal

Despite quickly selling out, the album was widely considered a failure not reaching the high level of Narc Beacon, something Goodiepal dismissed as he regards it as one of his most interesting, dealing with the concepts of mechanics and presets. The release, as well as many other Goodiepal releases, is available for free download from V/Vm's Brainwashed website [17]. 2005 also saw the release of the live-album Mort Aux Vaches on the Dutch record label Staalplaat with relative international media attention to follow.
In continuation of his dealings with the unsuccessful synthesizer manufacturer Key2Sound, working without any payment, Goodiepal decided to take action by hiding an unnamed piece of music in the system source code of a prototype called INetSynth. The prototype and source code were then brought up for auction offering the head of Key2Sound a veto-price of 10 Danish kroner, if he wanted his prototype back. Through this act, Goodiepal reclaimed a symbolic fee for the work he had done for Key2sound, and since they did not respond, the INetSynth, with tag, went to an unknown Dutch collector.[23]
In 2005, Goodiepal was commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers to create a sound piece representing Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Greenland at the World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan. The result was a generative computer music program playing Goodiepal music through countless speakers in three exhibition spaces in the exhibition's Nordic pavilion.[24]

2007-2008: The autonomous MUSIC school[edit]

The Blue House, London
Excerpt from the Official Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra Walkthrough

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Excerpt from the Official Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra Walkthrough

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In 2007, Goodiepal opened an autonomous school on the first floor of The Blue House in London, designed by FAT Architecture, for people interested in Radical Computer Music and other of his arts. The school, open from 9am to 10:10am every weekday, is free of charge and financed through his skillful work as a fixer of fine mechanics.[25]
The term Radical Computer Music was coined by Goodiepal in relation to the Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra compositional game scenario. It promotes an expanded dialogue between human beings and artificial and alternative intelligences as a way to transgress a condition of stagnation, according to Goodiepal prevailing in contemporary computer music and media art. The game scenario is an exercise in the creation of musical scores to challenge the mindset of "other" intelligences, considering issues such as utopia, time, notation techniques, language, levels of unscannability, and the role of the composer.[26]
In late 2007 Goodiepal made a famous appearance on the Danish late night talk show Den 11. Time (The 11th Hour), lecturing about his musical theories and the future of artificial intelligence. He was initially given a time slot of about 25 minutes, but exceeded that by far lecturing for over an hour. So the lecture was edited down to 15 minutes of highlights, to fit the program format, and made available in full length online.[18]
Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra was launched as an educational program at a special lecture given in April 2008 at the 5th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art,[27] the work as such was first premiered in October 2007 at a solo exhibition at Andersen's Contemporary in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the opening, a collection of 45 individual bindings, holding nine musical objects for the Radical Computer Music game scenario, was brought up for sale. The boxes started at a low price, which went up significantly throughout the exhibition and a few remaining copies are supposedly still available from the Danish publisher Pork Salad Press.[28] Throughout the exhibition, Goodiepal gave a number of lectures covering various fields in modern composition and computer music.[29]
On 27 October 2008, Goodiepal received a first class merit certificate, with distinction, from StoryTellerScotland being the only known existing proof of his qualifications. He is now officially allowed to call himself a Master Storyteller of the highest accord in the UK.[30]
Towards the end of 2008, Goodiepal created what he considers an expert panel consisting of members with various skills and backgrounds such as Andreas Hauer-Jensen, Anders Jørgen Mogensen, Uglemads, Martha Hviid and Tordis Berstrand. He has since taken the panel around Europe to help him lecture and perform and during the trips told them most of the secrets behind the Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra game scenario and Radical Computer Music. Some of these ideas are also described in Radical Computer Music & Fantastisk Mediemanipulation: A Corrected and Illustrated Transcript of the Official Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra Walkthrough published in 2009.[31]

2008-2011: Five steps in a Gentleman's War on the stupidity of modern computer music and media based art[edit]

When Goodiepal left The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, in 2008, he did not go quietly. The declaration Five steps in a Gentleman's War on the stupidity of modern computer music and media based art [32] was released as a supplement to the audio piece The Official Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra Walkthrough [19] and the series of images called Snappidaggs [20] explaining the methodology behind Goodiepal's concept of Radical Computer Music.[33] The following is a brief breakdown of Goodiepal's war declaration:

Round one: The terrifying truth - Goodiepal set out to define his objectives against academia in general, and the Aarhus version in particular, at a special lecture given at The 5th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art. He also released the audio piece "Future Shock" [21] - sometimes called "Black Heart for Scandinavia" - on heart-shaped vinyl. As predicted, his actions were met by silence from the opponents in Aarhus.

Round two: A possible solution for the future of computer music and media art in general - With reference to The Official Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra Walkthrough [22] Goodiepal distributed his school books and solution to the crisis in computer music and media art, widely, using all means such as spamming, banner ads, and giving lectures across Europe. He was again met with silence, if not outright ridicule from his opponents.

Round three: The great debate - Goodiepal carried on buying banner ads on selected internet sites as well as giving lectures. In December 2008 he bought four pages in the music magazine The Wire to prove his merits and capability of undertaking the work, he had set in motion. The opponents also carried on, laughing, including Professor John Deathridge, King's College in London, UK, who rejected Goodiepal's application for a Master degree on the basis of the autonomous and un-academic actions.

Round four: Claim your victory and collect your Danegæld - On 13 April 2009, Goodiepal released a statement [23] claiming that he possibly suffers from the neurological disorder Huntington's Chorea. This act was carried out as the final step in his war to – A: prove that not just his music but he himself is, if not unscannable, then very hard to scan; B: as a possible manifestation of Schrödinger's cat since Goodiepal has entered a sort of superposition; C: in deep respect of Andreas Hauer-Jensen, one of Goodiepal's closest friends and artistic side-kicks, who was hit by a car and upon the release of the statement was still in a coma.
Goodiepal also for a while threatened the students and technical staff at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus with the dreadful claim that if he was not paid some sort of Danegæld for his struggles, he would break into DIEM – the Danish Institute for Electroacoustic Music's studios at the academy and confiscate every single power cable for each computer available there. Perhaps as a consequence of that, Goodiepal was awarded a special one-of-a-kind medal at a small surprise ceremony on 15 September 2009 by professor Wayne Siegel, leader of DIEM. The medal was given in honour of Goodiepal's kamikaze strikes against the old and stubborn mindset of the academy, and it might or might not prove that he won his playful war game. It did however create quite a bit of debate since most people in charge at DIEM and the old fashioned Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus would, and still to this date will, not accept the medal as an official gesture. So, Round 4 in Goodiepal's "Gentleman's War" is therefore potentially not yet won. No matter what, he did leave the room stating that it takes much more than a piece of plastic to shut him down![34] On the 31st of October 2009, after a concert/lecture at Starr Space in Brooklyn, New York, Goodiepal was awarded the honorary 7 Secret Golden Keys to Bushwick by The Stiff Left Arm of Brooklyn / the people of 340 south 5th street. The award was given as an acknowledgement of the importance that America sees in Goodiepal's War on the stupidity of modern computer music and media based art.[35]

Round five: Heal the wounds and apply the new solution - Goodiepal has since 2007 been running autonomous schools from around Scandinavia, among other places at Momentum – Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art 2009 in Jeløy outside the city of Moss, Norway, [24] and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark, [25] where Goodiepal gave lectures, performances and workshops during 2010.

By the end of 2008, Goodiepal declared himself nearly bankrupt having spent a significant but unspecified amount of money on his Gentleman's War.[36] Towards the end of 2010, Goodiepal apparently borrowed 750.000,00 DKK, equalling around 92.865,19 US Dollars, from a friend in Ukraine and gave them away in an attempt to fight growing racism in Europe.[37]

In November 2010, Goodiepal received the Danish Heinrich Prize at Den Grå Hal, Christiania, for his war on the Royal Academy of Music. Rumours had it that he would not show up, due to the arrest order placed on his head by Danish police, but Goodiepal managed and from the stage warned about a new wave of racism growing inside the European welfare system. He left the party without any interference from the police.[38]

2012: El Camino Del Hardcore - Rejsen Til Nordens Indre[edit]

In 2012 Goodiepal & ALKU have published a book called: "El Camino del Hardcore - Rejsen Til Nordens Indre".[39]

He has also a feature on the Radio Web MACBA podcast "Composing with process", in which he holds a conversation with Jesper Pedersen and Kjartan Ólafsson, creator of the CALMUS software.[40]


Audio excerpt from the song "Goodiepal" by Momus, arranged by Momus and Joe Howe from the album Joemus on Analog Baroque 2008

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