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Four young men standing in a field at sunset
Mike, Rodney, Gareth and Murray
Background information
Origin Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand
Genres Indie rock, rock
Years active 2000 (2000)–2005 (2005), 2012–present
Labels CEMENT Records, Hark Entertainment
Associated acts Rodney Fisher & The Rest
Members Rodney Fisher
Murray Fisher
Mike Beehre
Gareth Thomas

Goodshirt are an alternative/pop/rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. Its members are Gareth Thomas, brothers Murray and Rodney Fisher and drummer Mike Beehre.


Goodshirt first came to prominence in 2000 with the independent release "Green". After a string of further singles, the band's debut album Good was released in August 2001.

A few more singles were released off the album (through their own label 'Cement' - licensed to EMI New Zealand). One of these, "Sophie", reached number one on the New Zealand singles chart in 2002. Following this success the album was released in Australia, Canada and Japan.

A second album, Fiji Baby, was released at the beginning of 2004. Its notable singles include "Fiji Baby", "Buck It Up" and "Lucy".

The band went on hiatus in 2005, but in early 2012 they began playing again with support gigs for Hall & Oates and Icehouse as part of the A Day on the Green festival. In May 2012 Goodshirt released the new EP Skinny Mirror and including the singles "So Charming" and "In Over Our Heads".[1]

Music videos[edit]

Goodshirt are known for their music videos, particularly the run of five videos of Good singles directed by Joe Lonie, including some that were shot in a single take.[2] Lonie notes that at the height of their close creative relationship, "they even talked about me being an unofficial fifth member of the band."[3]

Year Music video Director Notes
2000 "Green" (version 1) Florian Habicht Set at a beach, the band are buried up to their necks in sand, surrounded by hula-hooping schoolgirls. Filmed in black and white.
2001 "Green" (version 2) Joe Lonie Filmed in one continuous take and upside down and sped-up. The band take turns using the sink in a bathroom, with all objects and liquids falling up.[4]
"Blowing Dirt" (version 1) Set at a car wrecker and filmed backwards and in one continuous take, Rodney sings while a Mazda 929 is "un-smashed-up" in the background.[3]
"Blowing Dirt" (version 2) Set at a car wrecker and filmed backwards and in one continuous take, Rodney sings while an Austin 1300 is "un-smashed-up" in the background.[5]
"Place to Be" Shot in a continuous take and slowed down, the camera follows Rodney through an old building as he eats fruit while singing, coming across a series of unusual situations.[6]
2002 "Sophie" Filmed in a continuous take, a young woman listens to music on headphones, unaware that burglars (played by Goodshirt) are behind her, stealing everything in her flat.[7] "Sophie" won Best Music Video at the 2003 New Zealand Music Awards.[8]
"Monotone" Shot in a continuous take, with the camera circling a badminton court. The band are dressed as "Good" and "Evil" teams of badminton-playing beekeepers who seem unable to score a point.[9]
2003 "Buck it Up" Kezia Barnett A bullied schoolboy experiences strange visions one day at school. "Buck It Up" won Best Group Video at the 2004 Juice TV Awards.[10]
2004 "Cement" After pursuing his Rapunzel-like dream woman, Gareth finds himself trapped in a domestic gothic nightmare.[11]
"Fiji Baby" Wade Shotter Filmed primarily in a single hotel room set. Rodney checks into a fleabag hotel and messes around for a few hours.[12]
"Lucy" A current affairs show host (played by former 60 Minutes host Amanda Millar) profiles three men who are smitten with Lucy, a famous model.[13]
2011 "So Charming" Helena Brooks Dressed in sharp suits, the band members commit a number of anti-social acts and misdemeanours.[14]
2012 "Out of our League" Rodney Fisher Rodney plays a man whose two young children build a giant kite around him and fly him in the sky, with Goodshirt playing the "pro kite champions" team.[15]


Date of Release Title Certification
July 2001 Good Platinum (NZ)
February 2004 Fiji Baby Gold (NZ)
2002 E.G. (Australia release only) -
May 2012 Skinny Mirror -


Year Single Peak chart
2000 "Green" 12 Good
"Blowing Dirt" 13
2001 "Place To Be" 50
"Sophie" 1
2003 "Monotone" 31
2004 "Buck It Up" 14 Fiji Baby
"Fiji Baby" 25
2012 "So Charming" Skinny Mirror
"Out Of Our League"

Featured appearances[edit]

Goodshirt has appeared on many compilations and soundtracks in both New Zealand and Australia.


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