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Goodwill records is a record label that was founded in Rome, Italy in 1994.
The main reason behind starting the label was to release records by This Side Up, a melodic HC/Punk band where two of the label's founders played. The third release was actually a This Side Up record, being a split 7" with Brazilian band White Frogs. That record, having sold 3,600 units (plus 1,000 units sold by a US label Alarma records that co-produced it) is to this date label's best selling record.
The label soon grew into a collective of 4 people and incorporated the Bored Teenagers mailorder that had been run by one of the founders Dario Adamic since 1990.
Throughout the years the number of people involved with the label oscillated and is currently again at 4. The label has worked with bands such as Liars Academy, At Half-Mast, The Headlines, Day of The Dead, Signs Of Hope, Radio Days, This Side Up, Pointing Finger, The Damage Done, To The Embers, PHP, No More Fear, Overflow, Values Intact and many others.


At Half-Mast
Day Of The Dead
Liars Academy
Out Of Reach
Peace Of Mind
Pointing Finger
Radio Days
Signs Of Hope
The Damage Done
The Headlines
The Spring Of Rage
This Side Up
To the Embers
Values Intact
White Frogs


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