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From the air
Goodwood House
The River Thames from Richmond House: Canaletto's classic veduta exhibited at Goodwood House.

Goodwood House is a country house in West Sussex in southern England. It is the seat of the Dukes of Richmond.


Goodwood House was built circa 1600 and was acquired by Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond in 1697.[1] A South wing by Matthew Brettingham and a North wing was added by James Wyatt.[1] It may be that therewas an intention to build the house in a unique octagonal layout, but only three of the eight sides were ever built and that intention has never been proved.[1]

Charles Lennox, 3rd Duke of Richmond commissioned Sir William Chambers to design the stable block in 1757 and James Wyatt to design the Kennels, originally for use by the Duke's dogs but now used as a golf club house, in 1787.[2] He also commissioned Goodwood Racecourse which was established in 1802.[2]

The Goodwood Golf Course was laid out in 1901 and Chichester/Goodwood Airport was built during the Second World War.[2] Goodwood Motor Circuit, host of the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed, was created by Frederick Gordon-Lennox, 9th Duke of Richmond in 1948.[2]

In 1982, the Goodwood estate played host to the World Road Cycling Championships.[3] The Monarch's Way long-distance footpath crosses the downs from west to east, passing immediately south of the racecourse. Goodwood House also looks directly over the cricket pitch, home to the Goodwood Cricket Club.[4]


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