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Gooey was an Internet chat application popular in 1999. The system allowed people who were simultaneously browsing the same web site to communicate with each other, in effect creating chat rooms external to the web site. (website =

Hypernix is the developer of Gooey, an integrated roving communication platform that has attracted nearly one million Internet users since its launch in June 1999. Hypernix's equity investors include CNET, Allen & Co., and JAFCO Co., Japan's largest venture capital firm. Under the terms of the letter of intent, upon consummation of the acquisition

Gooey, Hypernix's product, gives users the power to communicate with others visiting the same sites (via chat and instant messaging) and to receive rich-media broadband content (including streaming video and flash animation) with one dynamic product. By integrating Gooey with the surfing experience, Hypernix introduced the first co-browsing product that instantly connects like-minded people visiting the same Web-site.

Based on the overwhelming international acceptance of Gooey, Hypernix is charting the evolution of the product toward an ASP business model. By approaching ISP's, portals and community websites worldwide, Hypernix intends to license special co-branded versions of Gooey and other fully customized packages of its technology. Built to fit the respective needs and requirements of a given client, integrated packages would include enriched features such as: a Java version of Gooey that does not require the download of a client, customer support, and note-posting technology.

About Hypernix (

Hypernix ( is a privately held company founded in January 1999, with offices in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Globally recognized as a first mover, Hypernix develops and distributes products that expand the ways Internet users interact with each other while online. Since the launch of Gooey, in June 1999, Hypernix has accumulated nearly 5 million registered users.

It was initially coded by Eran Kariti, The program was written in VC++, a language based on the popular programming language C++. Curiously, the application was considered by the press to be an evolution of ICQ.

Eran Kariti is recognized in Israel’s high-tech industry as one of the top specialists in Internet technologies.